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Name: Sahde
Location: The sky
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 08 Dec 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

Hello, my name is Sahde, but you can call me whatever variation of it!

I'm 15, I've been practicing for about five years and I'm forever studying. I have had many severe suicidal tendancies and wishes. I have a love for the Youtubers Leafyishere and PopularMMos, both have saved me from my worst days.

I am bilingual (french/english) and am trying to learn Korean. I am an art student who wants to one day be an animator or fashion designer in the suburbs of Bordeaux, France.

I am an Osprey and Deer Therian, as well as Dragonkin, and Angelkin (Ceresian/Cherub). If you don't like them please do leave my profile or don't tlk to me. I really don't like people who are rude about something that they don't understand.

I go by She, They, or Xe pronouns.

I specialise in Draconic magic, working with light and the moon, Divination and Tarot, as well as a lot of nature magic. I often make my own perfumes, oil blends, chapstick, and sometimes even incense. I am very astrally connected and I often can talk to gods directly.

My spirit guides are the Robin and the Osprey. I have a very good relation with my guides, the Robin's name is Rolana and she is my main motivation, she will often push me to be better.The Osprey is an old bird, his voice is raspy and often weak when I hear him. His name is Ivunak, He claims it means Warrior in an astral language.

Since I am very astrally connected, I am almost always soul-splitting. I can sense energy quickly and efficiently, and I can often be found in the Universal Archives (UA). I study many kinds of things, and often I can answer a lot of questions even though I am physically young.

I was born with magickal affiliation; I could see spirits when I was younger as well as dragons, I could easily create many thoughtforms and tulpae, I could even astrally project. As I got older I started to lose some of those things, and I can no longer always see spirits and dragons. I have two Tulpae, one of my own personality to inhabit my body if I am Soul-Splitting and must be away, and another of a snake to keep me company.

I still have a bit of a fluffy side due to the fact that I often over-analyse and indulge myself too far into the astral that I start to lose connection to the physical. Normally it's easy for me to snap out of it.


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