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Name: Gozmit
Location: In my mind
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 17 Oct 2016

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Who am I:

Hey there I am just a 21 year old eclectic witch or whatever you want to call it. Not sure what to call myself honestly, but I like to research forms of low magic that suit my taste. Born and raised Christian in a non denominational home and I got to say that I love being one, though I can not lie saying that I haven't learned about or been into other religions before. Folklore and superstitions are things I like to study. I like incorporating them into my practice.

I can't really say I specialize in anything at the moment or how you say, good at something in magick, because I don't practice on a regular basis. If I had the dedication to do so I probably would. Life has been kicking me and my family in the curve persistently, so trying to stay focus is kinda of hard at the moment. Even though this is true I still have more knowledge than any normal novice. But I still strive for more information because I forget things constantly.


Concerning Mail:

If you wish to mail me don't send me messages about giving or helping you to complete a spell. Even though I like to talk I do not wish to be in a conversation with your fluffy chit chat or ideas. I have better things to do that doing so and if you wish to talk to me do not make it weird by just saying "Hi" or "Hello". Please have a topic in mind or I will loose interest quickly. Also if you somehow irritate me please do not blame anyone but yourself if I block you because I usually give warnings.



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