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Name: Nodnard1122
Birthday: Nov 22 1988
Location: Ontario Canada
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 08 Sep 2016

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[ I just started a website called "Occult Knowledge" we are looking for students/teachers/readers/website moderators if interested click my website link above]

No one can give you magical powers,

you have to earn them

there is only one way to do this,

Research ;; Study & Practice,Practice,Practice !

[ ; ::about me:: ; ]

Hello everyone and welcome to my spells-of-magic profile. My other account got gagged. I have been on this website for a year an a half now and love it. With that being said, The names Nodnarb, I currently reside in Ontario Canada. I was conceived on St.Valentines day and then born in the year of the dragon "on the night of a full moon" ( 11/22/1988 ) on the cusp of Scorpio/Sagittarius also know as the cusp of revolution. Upon my birth the sun was aligned in the Sagittarius constellation within the eighth house. Mecury was in the constellation of Scorpio within the seventh house. Venus was in the constellation of Libra within the seventh house. The moon was aligned in the Taurus constellation, within the first house. Mars was aligned in the Aries constellation within the twelfth house. Jupiter was in the Gemini constellation within the second house. Saturn was in the Capricorn constellation within the ninth house. Uranus was in the Saggittarius constellation, within the ninth house. Neptune was in the Capricorn constellation within the ninth house. Last but not least Pluto was in the Scorpio constellation within the seventh house.

What got me involved in all topics of the Magick/Divination/Occult/Religion and spiritual understandings and all the many other topics there in. Was a series of events that have been happening to me since childhood. Such as my dreams coming true, As well as spirits trying to communicate an get my attention. By means of tapping on doors/walls/turning on taps/flickering lights, I also have seen spirits on rare occasions when I asked them to reveal themselves. The most recent was I saw an apparition of the hermit from the tarot deck. I have also heard there voices and again this is rare but happens when I talk to them and they reply with the same taps on walls,lights flickering.

I have been interested in these topics since a very younger age and have been studying them for many years. But with that being said I just started getting into magick seriously in the early year of 2015 . I have yet to even cast my first spell yet. I am not nor was I every interested/invested in using magick to do any harm to anyone. It burdens me so greatly. There is way to much hurt in this world now as it is and to use a tool such as magick, For revenge in my eyes/views is very foolish and rather idiotic.

I have also always been drawn to the natural beauty of this earth. The forests/jungles/oceans/desserts and all that inhabitants it. For this reason I love camping an hiking for long hours in the wilderness.

I joined this website to seek explanations and answers. To learn new techniques that can help in my spiritual development, and help others when I can.

[ ; :: Books I have read and or are currently reading :: ; ]

Astrology For Dummies // Rae Orion

The Pictorial Key to the tarot // By A.E Waite

Modern Magick // Donald Michael Craig

The Basics of Magick // By K. Amber

Studies into Occultism // By H.P Blavatsky

Shamanic Breath Work // Linda Star Wofl

The Kybalion // Three Initiates

Mastering Witchcraft // By Paul Huson

Love Craft // Anna Haywood

The Mystical Qabalah // By Dion Fortune

Isis Unveiled // By H.P Blavatsky

The Magus // By Francis Barrett

De Occulta Philosophia // Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa [ C u r r e n t l y R e a d i n g ]

Magical Herbalism // By Scott Cunningham [ C u r r e n t l y R e a d i n g ]

[ ; :: Studies :: ; ]

Tarot // Rider Waite Deck ! [ I n - p r o g r e s s ]

Crystals // [ I n - p r o g r e s s - as in/or meaning's and properities, Have yet to study/partake in crystal reading/scrying per se ]

Dream Interperation // Dream Journal [I n - p r o g r e s s - I only interpret my own for now, But I cannot turn down the offer to help others ]

Spell Casting //

Meditation/Grounding/Visualization ext, // [I n - p r o g r e s s ]

Astrology //

Herbal Uses // [I n - p r o g r e s s ]

Candle Magick//

[I hope/wish you all a great day with many blessings . Thank you for taking the time to read/visit my page. I do welcome all messages and help! as well as suggestions on any great books on topics such as esoteric,occult,magick,rituals,divinations,ancient history,parapsychology,hermetics ext, especially if you think it may help in any forum of spirutal devolpment, I also like to help others as well. If you need help finding books message me on here. I have a massed a small collection of websites that offer free books. With that being said take care, love and light to you all ]


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