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Name: 989
Birthday: Jul 13 1989
Location: Bristol, England
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 28 May 2017

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Fully committed student of the great work of harmony. Happy to discuss needs in magick; spells, ritual, tarot, scrying, gematria, astrology, meditation, mantra, magick tools, etc.

There is such a diverse mix of beliefs on this site; to me they are all sides of the same coin; as long as one works with love.

Our attributions matter not - be it a deity, or tool - we can't begin to comprehend the forces at work.

My magical oath, and primary belief; "To do all acts of desire with love, and to inflict no harm on another - we must achieve harmony."

But what if ones love causes harm?

Then it not a true act of love?! Only, when we arrive at the final act of unity - the last halves becoming one, and then none - do love and hate equal harmony. With every question another question!

Alas, to know an answer, is to accept the vanity of knowing all, and this is a "shackle" of the "energy" of "progression".

The human consciousness is obviously far from the complexity, and simple harmony of the 'final act' - to obtain singularity. The union of one and the none. But we follow our will in an effort to achieve a mere glimpse of the union of all that is, and all that isn't. The one, and the none.

I could go on, and I am able to elaborate (and thereby offering more questions, and so it goes). But I am in the mere preliminaries of my study and work, as we all are and forever will be - and so I am reluctant to elaborate further -(even if this writing seems to be of only but a few words).

I don't wish to risk of misinterpretation - again a shackle of uncertainly - but will continue to develop, understand and set my knowledge free, for those to disregard and ignore as their will wishes with love!

I focus on all practice, favour some over others, but I am not averse to become the student of a new tool, but I don't believe it as 'bad' or 'dark', just more energies of greater power but thereby harder to control. Can a baby shake the foundations of mountain?

I have, and will continue my research, which doesn't bind me to one 'faith', but aim at finding sources from varied works. I decide to experiment based on intuition (a non-ego manifest of the will?)

I believe, in any practice, the respect and control of which one has over the intention, dictates the level success, or failure (well of course I hear you say!) - but the more powerful the energy/force, the greater the control over required by the idea - increasing the likelihood of danger and failure. But we can only fail, as to succeed would be for all to become none.

To ascribe religious control to a belief system of attainment is the work of evil. We are all stars made up of the same energies, just manifesting as a tree, or the laugh of a child.

I am a friendly and peaceful person, constantly attempting to shed the shackles of the ego, amongst the others which hold us in bondage in this realm.

I feel this is enough for now.

Thank you for reading.


-- With love I listen --

(Contact me when you desire, even if you have but a slight urge, even if its to say you felt like it, and don't wish to correspond further - it is my will for you to do so, and with love I trust you will)


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