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Name: GreyOfWinter
Location: United States
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 17 Nov 2017

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Wild Souls, Tamed hearts, chosen by the moon we now run with the beast


Greetings,my name is Lupin Grey , I am a male and this is my biography, you are welcome to read it and enjoy yourself here, my photos are public so you may go and have a look at what I put up. My time is precious , do not waste it. My patience with the people on this site is wearing oh so thin, I do not have time for games, if you have nothing nice to say after reading my bio then move on with your life ill do the same.

About me:

I have been practicing different forms and styles of the occult for over 7 years now , I have traversed many religion's and beliefs, from wiccan to satanism,and I shall continue my studies for as long as I live, gaining knowledge of all that is magick, I can be a kind and nurturing person, or someone whom you'll wish had never entered your life,my age I will not say, just know I am not a child and do not wish to be treated like one,I do not treat those who show me disrespect with kindness, I am also quick to anger , keep this in mind if you decide to message me, I did not get where I am and gain the knowledge that I have?through fooling around and keeping quiet, I have practiced long and hard and spent tireless hours researching and learning. I am no novice at my art

Practices :

My abilities and practices vary along many branches of magic , I have been studying for years and i am no novice when it comes to practicing, here are just a few of the practices and studies

  • Energy Manipulation
  • Elemental Magick?
  • Astral Projection
  • Roman Mythology
  • Norse Mythology
  • Summoning Magick
  • Protection Magick
  • Bad Luck/ Hexing/ Curses
  • Demonology
  • Therianthropy
  • Celtic Mythology ?
  • Fae / Faeiry Magick
  • Hoodoo/Voodoo

These are of course just a few , I am well versed in many forms of magick, spirituality, and many other topics, and continue to learn and grow in my studies each and every day

Deities I follow:

  • Victoria
  • Mars
  • Neptune
  • Thor
  • Hel




Do I teach ? Yes , I am now taking willing to take on an apprentice , if you wish to be selected as my apprentice then message me asking to be selected and give me a reason as to why I should select you , I am very picky with my students however a student of mine will gain all the knowledge that I have to give, if you receive no response from me within 48 hours, then you have been denied, good luck


I do not attack anyone for there beliefs therefore I ask that you do not harass me for what I believe. What do I believe, I will tell you I am a wolf, yes however let me be very clear , I despise people who pretend to be what I am , its disgraceful, NO I am not a werewolf, it is nothing like the movies that is all fake

Relationship status - I am happily taken so NO FLIRTING , I love my mate more than anything and we have Been together for a long time , I have never met anyone as amazing as her, by the gods she is wonderful, flirt with her or any sort of inappropriate messages to her and expect a dark curse , or powerful hex coming your way , to you or your loved ones , you have been warned

Rules for messaging me - if your going to question my beliefs expect to revive hostile responses , do not flirt with me, don't think just because I'm a wolf, that I will grant you a place with us right away, if your are going to ask then you better come to me with a reason, and after many years of dealing with the nonsense of this site, no reason is good enough anymore, so good luck


Some thoughts on things:

Even though I was very certain I made this clear before, I shall do it again, I will answer some questions I comonly get

- Are you a werewolf


- Can you turn me into a werewolf

No, YOU WILL NOT BECOME A WEREWOLF, teen wolf, supernatural, twilight, and many other shows are fake, that is not how this works


- What tribe are you from



- If you are not a werewolf why do you have a pack

Do me a favor and look up what a wolf pack is, by definition it is ?a group of?wolves or other canines ?that live, feed, and travel together as a family group

When we say pack, we mean family, a family of wolves, that has decided to come online and share the belief we have with you all, me and my mate are the leaders, we decide what the pack does, who comes in, and all sorts of things of that nature, our business on the site is to dispel the foolishness that children have done, and teach the truth, this is the reason why our profiles have not been kicked, we do not condone what many Fluffs have done, we hate it, its disgusting, and by the grace of the moderators, we simply wish to teach, and grow






For those of you who aim to question me and my life, I have nothing to prove to you, taking your time to attempt to challenge me is foolish, just as you are solidified in whatever you believe I am solidified in my own, your comments do nothing to shake me, the only thing they do is make me laugh an shake my head at your own pathetic attempt to bash my beliefs, you fools, allow me to shed some light on this. Approximately 2.5% of the population in the U.S. alone, are atheist, now if you go up to one and attempt to explain magick, do you think they will believe in Wiccan gods after ? No the chances are low, so I have come to the conclusion that as long as you are attempting to get me to change my beliefs, you are essentially a Christian auguring with an atheist, in other words, its pointless my friends


I've been doing a lot of searching on this site and I'm disappointed in what I see, kids pretending to be something there not , people forgetting what makes magic so great, I was reading a profile and this girl said she did spell to become an alpha, its beyond stupid, if you don't have a pack your not an alpha. How is someone born to be an alpha, people like this are disgraceful, too many people want power, when they have no idea what to do with it , and what this about a wolfblood ? If you do not realize, wolfblood is a TV show, you are not on a bloody TV show.


Children stop claiming to be gods , and goddesses , a deity would not spend time inside a human body , the amount of energy they harness would destroy your body , and a deity would certainly not be using spells of magic, a site meant to educate people on magic, claiming to be more powerful than I god makes you look foolish, and wrong.



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