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Name: Nortiumuor
Location: I am not going to be clever about this, you don't need to know that
Gender: Male
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A word of advice, magic is like a plane, an alternate world flip-side to our own. You cannot enter per say, but you can access the streams and rivers through meditation and mind clearing. When you get there, you cannot take or directly effect the water, but you can influence the flow. Most spells require only a hand in the stream (but spells are at least partially psychological[1]). If, in a certain situation you require more than a small displacement of the flow that keeps all of the paranormal mills powered, you may perform a ritual. That may result in equivalence of giving you a tool for more of a disruption in the stream, or allowing you to have more mobility for influential actions. I must explain at this point that this flip-side, which is magic, is all an active Astral Projection. Not one of your own creation, but one that exists whether you comprehend it or not. So even though I say influence like it is merely sticking your hand in a river, what it really requires is devoted focus and singularity in your actions, so even if you do not see and feel what you are doing when you scrape the edge of the other side, which is very difficult to do seeing as it has no real form, as I said before, it is happening nonetheless.

Now, as to what I have to say other than my theories, I ask that you do not repost the following, because these are my words. You can message me pertaining anything, and you can include my name in your profile, giving reference if you desire.

If you are unsure about your sexuality; It is not your fault. It is partially genetic and partially experiential, and not your choice. What is your choice, is how you handle your own sexuality and/ or gender.

If you are here for help, magic or no, I will do whatever I can to help you.

If you are here for questions, ask away. If you think you know me, if you want me to answer something etc...

My specialties are: Therapy, Astral Projection, Inner Aura.

[1]Like it or not, unless a spell directly effects an outer force like weather, it is at least partially psychological. When you cannot confirm things, even if there is a small result. Some examples include spells of emotion, luck, force, magnetism, and mentality. Spells or rituals that do not have a psychological effect are spells like nature and those that indirectly effect others (who do not know they have a spell being performed on them).


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