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Name: Itami999
Location: I am just a stranger
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 19 Mar 2017

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Up above is my best friend Whisper.

I am Itami999

if you want to talk to me please feel to do so anyways I hate empty mail so mail me if you want But please PUT SOMETHING IN THE SUBJECT . and if you have problems please feel to mail me and I will give my best to help you.

I like all kinds of food

I only work hard or my brain works only when I am interested in something.

I am the type of guy Who dosent good at practicing but have more knowledge and if possible I want to go to easiest techniques or shortcuts

Thats all for now... And also I am online 24 hrs so mail me If you want I will reply to it instantly and if I didnt reply instantly itm means that im in training or taking a bath or playing games or sleeping

I like anime too xD

I Worship Lord Apollo and I am one of Lord Apollo's soldier.....

Being born a Scorpio has its traits. Some say Scorpio's have the oldest souls of all zodiacs. That our wisdom is beyond this life time. We are born leaders, that we fight for the ones we love and die if we must. Everyone that we meet in this life never forgets us like a scar in your heart love or hate. A Scorpio can be your best of friends or your worst enemy. We don't consider a person a friend rite away. Friendship is earned with time but once it's there we are friends for life and never betray friendship for others regardless of what's offered. Things and certain people we hate are bullies, liars, cons, manipulators, people that think money is power and makes them above others, cheaters,

if you have any questions to ask feel free to mail me

"No matter What happens Some memories can never be replaced"

"I'm being used to be ignored and rejected but why does it hurt so much?"

"I do Good things but I am not an angel, I do bad things But I am not a Demon"

"I want to become stronger and stronger and stronger and even stronger and even stronger than that and then I'll be able to protect anything... I wont have to lose ever again"

"Forgive yourself for what you aren't able to do,if you want to know who you are,you have to look at your real self and acknowledge what you see"

"Everyday I missed you,every second only you in my mind,Why I am losing you? I cannot live without you"

"This world we live in is a dream,The dream we have at night is in fact a true world"

"When your in fear it doesnt mean your afraid,it means that fear is your weakness"

"There is always a little truth behind "just kidding",A little knowledge behind "I dont know",A little enotion behind "I dont care",A little pain behind every "Im okay"..."

by DF999 pls dont copy the above.

Im Used To be Forgotten Anyways


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