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Name: GipsyS
Birthday: Mar 22
Location: Purgatory
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 20 May 2017

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I've had several accounts here since 2009, but have either gotten gagged or have forgotten their passwords.

Important Notice:

I have been in hiatus from this site lately, so I'm truly sorry. I may have lost some knowledge but can still attempt to help you. For tarot, I may help with the meanings only.

Regular Biography of me, out of the spirtual world:

I am artistic and physically and mentally energetic, and I seek guidance and support, nothing else in particular. If I take interest in you as a friend, I show much consideration and I can act fun. I'm also generous every now and then. But lately, I haven't been looking for friendship. My faith in humanity would take forever again to be restored.

I can be cold most of the time. I can come out a "bit" aggressive if you try to persuade me into thinking your way or doing things I don't want to do. Keep in mind that I can be somewhat straightforward about anything to you, whether it's harsh or nice, so beware. Just try not to get the feeling that I'm attempting to get in an argument with you because all I'm doing is just being honest, take it or leave it. I don't like to argue so I kinda cut off in some point of the conversation, because I'm pretty weak at arguing and eventually you'll probably "win." Just try not to get me into a bad-temper, and we'll be fine.

Other information about me is private so message me if you'd like to know.

Here's some magick-related information:

I study:

Tarot Readings


Dream Interpretations

Spirit communicating


Astrology (generally)

Sun sign - Aries/Pisces Cusp (March 22nd)

Moon sign - Capricorn

Rising sign - Scorpio

If you need any help on how to perform tarot readings to others or yourself and need help with interpreting horoscopes , I'll be honored to help you. I also do free Natal Chart readings, so if you want a free one, just include your first name, birthday, year, time, city, and state/country and I'll get right to you.

If you're curious, Natal Chart readings are part of astrology and horoscopes. It is the rest of your signs. You may wonder why certain sun signs don't live up to their sun sign; that's because they have other signs in their Natal Chart aswell that are affecting them. Natal Chart's explain you as a human being (your personality) so it's pretty useful.

I help in dream interpretations aswell, so if you need help interpreting a dream, I'm here.

I may possibly help you with subjects such as spirit communication or anything else related to spirits.

If I lack information on a specific subject, I may provide you with a link leading to that subject? or I may copy and paste information relating to the subject.

So if you need help with any of these, you're free to ask. Also, I don't cast spells for people, so please don't ask me to cast a spell for you. Also, if you're going to ask nonsense such as turning into a vampire or other fiction, I am not the type of person to help you with that. Overall, if you're going to PM me and want a reply, make sure I understand you. I expect good grammar and spelling, but it doesn't need to be perfect, as long as I understand it.

Update as of July - August 2016:

I have recently taken an interest in different types of stones (amethyst, sapphire, rose quartz, etc.) and there meanings to each. If you would like to message me to educate me about the references to different types of stones, I would appreciate it.


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