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Name: Andromoleus
Location: Counting the days , until my end arrives.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 08 Dec 2016

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Personal Bio

This user is temporary, unavailable, due to some circumstances.

  • I was what you are, you will be what i am,
  • never despair....not all of me shall die.

( something by my true self )

Arigatou Gozaimasu Aniki-san. Thank you for everything.

Personal bio:

Hey every one, to all who are reading this currently, welcome.

All of you. I am an avid fan of writing and like to ramble on a lot

so lol forgive me if you think it is a bit too much kay?

And also if you want to know anything about me, ask me directly,

don't go seeking info about me from my friends or those I love.

Cause I would know it nonetheless. And this will end our friendship before it even began.

This thing is important hence I put it at the first portion of my bio.

Some information about me on request of some special people.


  • (I will only tell if I trust you)


I am 16, yes I am 16 even if some people have thought otherwise.

I may be young in some people eyes, yes I am young I admit,

but sometimes even those who are young know things more then you.

Never go age wise. Always go wisdom wise.

Cause sometimes even young people have faced situations far more difficult than old people.


Arien, soulshadow, Ken, Morning star, Magus. Take your pick people.


Those I trust, will know. And if you tell anyone, then I will end our friendship. Regardless of how well we know each other.


Taken, I already have a wonderful and beautiful fiance.

Yes I am bisexual. If you have problem.

Stop right here cause I am not becoming what I don't want to,

to satisfy your selfish purposes.


Some things I really enjoy in both virtual and real life.

  • Reading and writing while eating pizza or cookies.
  • Sports (swimming, cricket, football (soccer), chess and Marathon).
  • Intellectual debates and lazing my Sunday's away.
  • Helping out at the local orphanage and playing with children.
  • Sitting on my swing on a windy day.
  • Meditation, grounding and astral travel.
  • My bed (I wuv it XD).
  • My fiance, I love him with my heart and soul.
  • And those I consider my brothers and sisters Arigatou Gozaimasu.(thank you all of you).


I really don't want to say but guess fate forced my hand,

  • I hate rapists.
  • I hate liars.
  • I hate bigots.
  • I hate traitors.
  • I hate those Bullies.
  • I hate backstabbers.
  • I hate those who hurt my cared ones.

I have many more dislikes, but I really don?t want to talk about them, as they are a bit personal.


Somethings, i do on a day to day basis.

  • Helping out at the local orphanage.
  • Collecting medicinal herbs and growing them.
  • ( no I don't grow illegal herbs. I mean mint, coriander and such people).
  • Gardening, I love it as it is calming and brings me happiness all around the year.
  • Playing with children.
  • Teaching middle schoolers and some primary students.
  • Singing and dancing (anything will work for me) .
  • Writing stories and songs (when I get the time).
  • Competitions, debates, sports name it and I will participate.


Guess this is all about me for now folks. enjoy.


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