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Name: Zelotar
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 23 Apr 2017

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I do not even know where to begin with this story.

Hello everyone, I go by the name Arcane in several magical communities, and this name is a bit more secret for several reasons I am not allowed to discuss. I have really been putting off joining this community for a really long time so I decided to check it out. While there is a lot of questionable content, there are also useful things, that do work.

I have been at this for pretty long, and I do consider myself relatively advanced of a practitioner, though with no self-importance. I have all my astral senses open, and can perform evocation, soul travel(an umbrella term for most OBEs), various forms of divination, spellcasting, channeling, energy work, shamanic core-journeying, to name a few things.

I have practiced way too many paths to count, including everything from Christian magic, to Necromancy. From fairy magic, to chaos magic. One can say I am of the Left Hand Path, and I do practice black magic often, as it is the path I started on, but the Castaneda books, as well as Stephen Flower's Lords of the Left Hand Path are probably the books that most adequately summarize my worldviews.

I have a variety of spirits I work with regularly. So many, I do not keep track of them all. However, I was urged to come here by a relatively obscure entity, who governs violet energy, and all that comes with it, magic, ascent, knowledge, spirituality, philosophy, etc. The Violet God is the one who had pointed me in this particular direction, to find those to teach, to learn from, and to guide, and be guided by.

Disclaimer: Every single word that comes out of my mind, unless referenced as otherwise, is Unverified Personal Gnosis(UPG), Personal Experience, or belief. In my Subjective Universe, it has merit, and is about as real as gravity.

However, if something is real in my universe, does not mean it is in yours. ''Reality'' isn't as set in stone as it may seem to most people. Rather it is a malleable element, shaped by personal views, intersections of personal views, and universal intersections of personal views(''facts'' if you will)

What's real for me, may not be for you, and so on. No matter how solid, real, professional, fancy, it looks it may have no merit in a reality that is not mine. If I am citing other people's beliefs, views, or lore, I will state it. Assume that everything I'm saying is based on things I've seen, experienced, or done, unless stated otherwise.

If you see me talking in terms that look scientific or professional, please do not be fooled. Magic is very much an art, because it is entirely based on personal fleshy filters changing spiritual content into subjective experiences. The terminology comes from the systems and individuals that I learned from.

So I will repeat this one final time. Take every single word I say with several bags of salt if need be. Nothing I say may be even remotely real to you, so don't take me too seriously. At all. Ever.


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