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Name: Ishvala
Birthday: Dec 11 1997
Location: US
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 12 Jun 2017


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Personal Bio

+ + ~ ~ A tasteful Introduction ~ ~ + +

Hello, my username is Ishvala and my witchy name is Kaden. I've studied the craft since I was a child, but never thought to join a site until recently. I study the darker aspects such as Chaos Magic and Blood Magic, and my practices range from that and onward. When it comes to personal beliefs, I think that morals and values are all different and they affect what appeals to an individual. I favor a few deities in my work, but none of them seem note-worthy as I rarely call on their aid. Due to my practice being very self-serving or otherwise dangerous, I do not use my personal skill as it is still both unrefined and quite easily backfires.

Certainly not something I want to get wrong.

To get into a more laid back topic, I'm a student and employee at a local food joint. I am working on a medical degree. I've been putting a lot of research into psychology and animal behavior, As I am an Otherkin (One who spiritually identifies as inhuman) it is important to know as much as possible about animals and nature, as well as mythological folklore and its creatures.

I'm a large fan of old cartoons and video games. I'm also a sucker for romance or action, but comedy-horror is nice when done right. My personal fandoms are as cringe worthy as Homestuck and as child friendly as pokemon or digimon. Outside of witch-related studies I'm a pretty easy person to please, and I enjoy a lot of childish things.

+ + ~ ~ What I Study ~ ~ + +

I currently have read a variety of books on Paganism, Shamanism and Occult Magic. I am looking to further my knowledge into more "White Witch" practices because while I don't see myself applying them, I see them as helpful to know. Any messages sent to me about research or tutoring will be refused, though I will happily give you links to preferred authors.

  • Black Magick
  • Binding Magick
  • Blood Magick
  • Sigil Magick
  • Shielding & Banishing
  • Religion and Spirituality: World Religion, Paganism, Witchcraft, and Shamanism
  • Psychic Practices: Cartomancy, Precognition, Empathy, etc.
  • Working with Daemons, Elementals, Spirits and Deities

+ + ~ ~ Other Information ~ ~ + +

Spiritual Name: Kaden

Spiritual Path: Mixed Beliefs

Identity Labels:

  • Therian ( Hudson Bay Wolf )
  • Otherkin ( Banshee )
  • Agenderflux
  • Homoromantic
  • Graysexual

What is a Therian and/or an Otherkin?

A Therian is someone who spiritually, psychologically or neurologically identifies as an earthly animal.

An Otherkin is someone who spiritually, psychologically, or neurologically identifies as a non-earthly animal or mythological creature.

Both terms are thought to be birthed off of Tumblr, but are actually real communities with fully functioning members of society despite the bad rap they get from online spawn. If you'd like to learn more, please visit a trusted site like

What is Agenderflux?

Agenderflux is similar to identifying as Agender, although masculine and femminine aspects are not stable as one or the other. Some might argue that this is actually normal, and for the most part, I don't disagree. However having a label that perfectly explains how you feel is nice.

Whether or not it's respected, or I'm called female, doesn't necessarily matter to me. I'm comfortable with myself and all the identities that make up me.

What are Homoromantics and Graysexuals?

Sexuality has three spectrums . The first and most commonly known is, well, Sexuality. This has things such as Homosexuality, Heterosexuality, and Bisexuality in it. The opposite end is Asexuality, which generally means having no sex drive or sexual desires for other people. In the middle of that spectrum is the Ace sexualities or "Ace Umbrella" which consists of various "middle grounds" which include Graysexuality. Graysexuality is a term for those who do not experience Sexual Attraction 80% of the time, but can at times experience it. They might also experience it regularly, but have a shockingly low sex drive to where it's barely recognizable. There are also Graysexuals who may enjoy and exhibit a normal sex drive but only under a very strict set of conditions - otherwise, it simply will not have that same effect.

To explain Homoromantic, I need to say that there exist four primary attractions.

  1. Romantic (Direct desire to date and cumulate an emotional relationship)
  2. Sexual (Direct desire for sexual contact/have attraction or appeal to the body alone)
  3. Sensual (Direct desire for physical touch in non-sexual manners such as cuddling, hugging, kissing, etc)
  4. Aesthetic (Direct desire to look at and appreciate the body as if it were an art form and not a sexually appealing person,)

Those all having been stated, the Homoromantic is cut and dry; leaving out sexual attraction - a Homoromantic is someone who can be romantically, aesthetically, and sensually attracted to the same sex. They could technically be sexually attracted to such too in the case of the Homosexual Homoromantic, whether or not the average homosexual uses the romantic label. However, because I'm a Graysexual...this is iffy.

More can be learned about sexual identity at...

Why did you share all of that with us?

The more one person knows today, the more three people might know tomorrow. Providing awareness and truth to clouded internet confusion is a good way to start a very small climb to opening the minds of otherwise closed off individuals. Whether it works or not is up to you.

------------ I WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT ---------------

  • Teach or Mentor
  • Respond to poorly written messages
  • Respond to messages lacking a subject
  • Respond to messages with one-liners
  • Respond to messages such as, "Hw R U?" or "Can we be frnds?"
  • Date or pretend to date you
  • Help you discover anything (outside of linking you to sources...)
  • Tolerate spam. You will be blocked.
  • Tolerate harassment, stupid questions and so on.
  • Hold conversations for you. You messaged me, speak!
  • Reply to pointless messages. Please state the reason you are messaging me, or else you will not get a reply.


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