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Name: GeminiMoon
Birthday: Jun 1 1980
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 03 Jul 2017

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Oh my where do I begin? I was raised Roman Catholic and although not over religious by any means enough to know whos who and whats what. Ive never been comfortable with this religion, mostly the judgemental type stuff, the if you do/dont do "this" youll go to hell type stuff, the everything contradicts itself type stuff, the come to church so a man of flesh and blood can preach Gods word to you and shame you for not following it to the letter type stuff, oh and dont forget my favorite of all, the pass around the collection basket so everyone sees what you do or dont put in and judges you for it type a stuff. I mean am I wrong but didnt I read somewhere that Jesus himself stood up to the churches over money and felt everyone should have a seat regardless of their ability to pay? Am I wrong but didnt I read somewhere that said God is every where , sees all knows all, so why is it that if I dont go to church (specifically and soley) God will not listen to me?. Yea. See my prolbem? Heres my other problem. Jesus. I love this guy man! Hes great! I would follow him to ends of the earth based on his supossed (and I say supossed because I wasnt there so I have no way to know if this really happened) teachings. Everything Ive read of Jesus, teaches us love and kindness. Giving, selflessness and helping our fellow man. Loving and respecting the earth as it our home for the time being. But yet so much of the churches teaching contradicts this and so I can not stand behind something that doesnt sit well in my stomach just because Im told I have to.

When I was a child people asked "whats your religion" I would natrually Catholic because its what I was taught to say. When I became a teenager (and started to "rebel") I would say I dont believe in anything, God doesnt esxist. As I became an adult I would say I believe in God and I follow Christ but I dont believe in the church. Well let me tell you this did not go over too well because aparently you cant have one without the other (and I call bullshit on that theory). So I decided very early in my adulthood that I was NOT going to care any more what anyone said or thought, I was just going to believe in what my heart and mind felt was right for me. I feel I need to add that I am no longer a young adult, its taken me a good 10yrs to figure stuff out. But. Here I am today 6 months into my journey. In all reality Ive known from when I was a little girl that this has been the right path for me I was just never brave enough to take it. Ive always been a Witch , Ive just finally decided to act on it.

And BTW does anyone really read this stuff?


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