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Name: DaddyzLittle
Birthday: Jun 28
Location: waiting while listening to music to numb myself
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 03 Sep 2016

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Got gagged on HisBabyGirl so here I am


Please don't be shy ^-^ I don't bite

Heya! Please just call me Possum or Vp either way works ^-^

I am almost 14

My depression is not that bad anymore

I'm taken by my bf. No he isn't on this site. I know him in real life and we are very happy together.

I am strangely good with cats and dogs

I have Google Hangouts, Kik, Skype, and Facebook

Ask me anything, I won't hide anything. But please don't make accusations at me without evidence or accuse me of anything based on your beliefs.


2016: worst year ever

My pain killer? Music and the moon


Zodiac: Cancer

Chinese Zodiac: Horse

Birth totem: woodpecker

Stone: rose quartz

Color: rose

Soul Element: Earth

Soul Power: Descensum

I am an Indigo Child

Spirit animals: wolf, mountain lion, horse


I sometimes write my own spells and then test them. If they work I will put them on this site but only if they work.

I will not cast a spell for you! I will not write a spell for you! I will not teach you! I will help you out and give you some tips but I will not cast, write, or teach for you.

If I'm not on here I'm usually on Facebook.

Feel free to add me on fb but please message me here before you do otherwise your request will be deleted. And please inform me if you wish to add me.

I love being messaged. But please don't flirt or anything along those lines with me.


I'm sick of it. From now on if your gonna:


Block me for no reason

Ignore me

Bully me

Say I am not depressed

Call me names

Make fun of those I love and hold dear

DON'T MESSAGE ME! I have finally blown. If you do any of those and I find out about it (if I didn't already know) I will block you. Ok? Is it too much to ask to be treated nicely and not be ignored? Apparently so


"Indigo Children" is the name given to a very special group of beings who have chosen to incarnate on our planet with a specific mission and purpose.

The name "Indigo Child" refers to the soul color of Indigo, which indicates a Master Soul who serves as a teacher or healer. Every Indigo Child will undertake this mission of teaching or healing in some way, often merely by being who he or she is.


A Therian CANNOT shift! Therians are people with animals bound to their souls causing them to behave more like animals than humans. They are still human. You cannot become one. You must be born that way.


'Maybe making me bleed, will be the answer that could wash the slate clean'

'Every day is the same, she fights to find her way, she hurts, she breaks, she hides and trys to pray'

'Her heart is breaking from the pain that she feels'


146 people have asked me why I haven't given in and started cutting. The answer: I've seen the damage it can cause. It wrecks lives and can end a life.


Grab a piece of paper and something to write with. Now I want you to write down some things you hate about yourself. Take your time and really think. Finished? Good. Now I want you to take that peice of paper and tear it to shreds! Destroy it! Destroy all of the horrible things you think about yourself!


I have defended those that left, I have loved those that stabbed me in the back, I have beared with those that made a Rollercoaster of lies, my lesson? Patience, Loyalty, and Love.


To those who are in a "pack":

Luna is not a rank nor part of a pack. Luna is something that is made up to make the female alpha less important and controlled. In a "pack" there are two Alpha's, usually 2 people in love, that rule TOGETHER as EQUALS.


If you've actually read this far, congratulations!


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