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Name: NalingBird
Birthday: Jan 27 2000
Location: United States
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 23 Mar 2017

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Personal Bio

Some spells I like to use,

Heal spell

Gain power spell

See through someones eyes(I used this to see what my brother was seeing, complicated)

to find someone nearby(I didn't know where she was but i used this spell and I found them, it was like MAGIC!)

To find someone nearby spell:


The person I desire

is far away

Help me find them today

Image the person you want to find. And let a light ball appear and show you the way

The trick:The trick is that you have to trust the white ball, and I mean trust. And don't force it.

About Me:

Hello my name is Dakota or call me Avenin, I am 17 years old. First off I love to push beyond the limits, and Believe in more. My grandparents were psychic, their powers were most strong when either of them were in trouble and that is when they knew something was wrong. What I like to do is sing, hike, cook, gardening, video games, tennis, soccer, and other things as well. I love everything that has to do with nature. In my blood I am Italian, European, and Scandinavia. I love the hobbies of herbalism, cooking, and writing. Ever since I was little I could see the future and I could see spirits but only in the darkness. I started when I was 11. But mostly practiced little until I was 12 because I didnt have books or information to help me. I learned a lot from a gypsy before she died. And I am Bisexual. My spirit animals are the hummingbird, crow, and the butterfly. My sign is Aquarius, and my Chinese zodiac is the rabbit. The chakra that I am most connected with is the heart. I finally did a spell so that I am only Immune to some spells as well as cures and hex?s.

I got the name Naling Bird from a shaman in Siberia after I was helping some of his people he called me Kusatan Ocell.

PS : I am also a Psychic, Psionic, Shaman, and Alchemist.

My practices:

White Magik

Balance Magik


Natural and Elemental Magik

Elemental magic

Energy magic and manipulation


Also Black magic, blood magic, etc.

I am nice but if you mess with either my friends or family, you wish you would be in hell, that is the only time I won't be nice. But my true personality is being nice.

The Deties I follow:

I follow Jesus mainly. But since I believe that there are other gods in the world you can basically say I follow all of them. They know me and I know them.

Have a great day. :)


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