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Name: Teoxihuitl
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Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 27 Sep 2016

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Who am I:

I am an Aztec reconstructionist, which means I try?reassemble the Mexica religion the best I can. Of course when I mean when I talk about?reconstructionism I am not talking about?sacrificing people and ripping their heart out their chest, because that would be?illegal and?unethical in this day of age. I try my best to?modernize the Aztec religion as best as I can, while trying not to?seize the traditonal value of their beliefs and practices.

The reason why I have chosen this path is because I was lead by an Aztec diety to do so. His name is XIpe Totec and even though I am not worshiping him or?venerating any Gods at the moment, I show great?reverence towards them anyway. The reason why I am doing this is because I want to understand and research their culture before I go ahead and make an altar for any of them.

Now lets talk about a little about me. I am a high school?graduate who is gonna go into college?in the fall to study creative writing and to also practice weight lifting. My main goal in the future is to write books on occult subjects and?quite?possibly on Aztec?reconstructionism. I love drawing, writing poetry, and playing games. I adore animals and I hate it when I see them in distress. I live with seven people, which makes it hard to practice anything of mine without constant?interruption. Even though living with seven people can be very?hectic, I love my family and I wouldnt want to live a day without them.


What I Study/Practice:

Anything below with a symbol like this * means I practice it, things without it either means I don't or that I study it






Energy Work*


Regarding Mail:


Please do not send me messages about providing?you with a reading or stuff about giving or doing spells for you. Also do dont give me any mail about questions that can be easily answered?with common sense, such as giving you wings, gaining super powers, transforming into mythical creatures. or anything that sounds impossible. Anybody who sends me mail like this of any kind will be given one warning. If you decide to send me another messaged with the same topic you will be blocked. Also please don't send me any one worded messages, those are very?annoying.




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