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Name: Supergirl17
Location: Cheshire,UK
Last Seen: Thu, 13 Apr 2017

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Im From Cheshire,England love anything sci fi and fantasy Non magikal Studies:Loci, Psychology,Treatment of Witches Magikal Studies: Wicca,Paganism,Mythology, witchcraft,Symbols I want to Studie: The dead, candle,Herbal,Crystle/stone and folk magick Binding, moon phases,siglis, Alchemy And hypnosis I believe in Peace,Paganism, Witchcraft,Wicca,Hinduism,Buddhism. "I believe there is some Magick in every religion. When Jesus preformed those miracles and resurrected himself if he lived in the 16th/17th century he would be considered by English law as a witch. Even the pentagram is a Christian symbol. I believe that many people stereotype witchcraft as devil worship. No Satan, or the Devil, has absolutely no place in Wicca or Witchcraft Im not exactly a Christian im sort of on the lines of Derren Brown?s Religion."-Adam Boyd (Supergirl17) The True Believer ignores anything that doesn't fit his belief system. Instead, he inevitably comes to hold those beliefs at a very profound level. They can become absolutely part of his identity. It is this that brings together the religious, the psychic, the cynic (as opposed to the open skeptic) and the narrow-minded of all kinds. It is something I encountered a lot among my fellow Christians. At one level it can be seen in the circular discussion which goes as follows: Why do you believe in the bible? Because it is Gods word. And why do you believe in God? Because of what it says in the bible. At a less obvious level, it can be seen in the following common exchange: Why do you believe Christianity is true? Because I have the experience of a personal relationship with God. So how do you know you're not fooling yourself? Because i know it is real. Even as an enthusiastic believer myself I could see this kind of tautology at work, and over time I realized that it is common to all forms of True Belief., regardless of the particular belief in question. The fact is, it's enormously difficult - and you need to be fantastically brave - to overcome the circularity of your own ideologies. But just because our identity might be tied up with what we believe, it doesn't make that belief any more correct. One wishes that True Believers of any sort would learn a little modesty in their convictions.? Derren Brown, Tricks of the Mind I am defiantly male and straight BUT if you want to know a bit about me im on the Autistic spectrum under High Fuctioning and its not even that bad Supergirl represents my aurour Powerfull,but young at heart can't be harmed by words she is the angel If you have any questions Messege me (Im a Straigt British Male from Cheshire,UK, my name is adam ) )O( Blessed Be


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