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Name: NightChaos
Birthday: Mar 29 2001
Gender: Male
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May Darkness be the Lantern that lights your path.

Chaos with a Strong 'C'!

DC Comics= Life !

To the people who tell I am a plagarist

I am a student,and I lead a very busy life. I am rarely online. I try my best for you to gain knowledge. When I get any vacations I promise I will share my own Iinformations.

Hurt SOULWHISPER and that will be the last thing you do in life. She means my life.


I've decided to share my knowledge for this site. These links are for the newbies who are new to magick. Hope these helps!

the basics:

The magickal paths:

Astral projection:

About Greek Gods & Goddesses:

Free chakra test and about chakras:

Beginners guide:

You should start magick by the basics(links on my profile). But I should add,different paths have different basics. keep practicing the basics daily.Also,research is a best way to start.Start gaining knowledge! Working in some paths and features on magick can give you a good idea. you can research in this site:through,forums,articles,chatter and more!just keep on researching.You can download online PDFs and some books by some notable sites. Or you can simply borrow a pagan/Wicca/witchcraft book from your local library. Also, a good look at the general info threads in this site can be helpful. If you can't afford to buy a book you can download free e-books from Google.

My Introduction:

Hey, I am Stefan: a 15 year old novice witch. I am a friendly guy,once you get to know me. I am practicing magick for about 5 years.I consider Magick my Parent and my life. Simply,My love is nothing compared of magick.

Gods/Goddesses I work with :

1. Hecate

2. Hel

3. Athena

4. Zeus

5. Poseidon

6. Rhea

7. Hephaestus

8. Freyr

9. Deirdr

10. Freyjr

11. Odin

12. Arianrhod

13. Airmed


1. Programming

2. Gaming [HELL YEAH!!!]

3. Watching Anime

4. Listeniing to songs

5. Books

6. Swimming

7. Tennis

8. Drumming

My Favourite Shows:

1. The Blacklist

2. The Mentalist

3. Orange is the new black

4. Family Guy

5. Fresh off the boat

6. The big bang theory

7. Odd Couples

Favourite Anime :

1. Fairytail

2. Naruto

3. Death Note

4. One piece

5. Sword Art Online

6. Tokyo Ghoul

My paths include:

  • Aesir
  • Vanir
  • Meditation
  • Grounding
  • Runes
  • Rituals
  • Advanced Spell-Casting
  • Greek Mythology
  • Invocation/Evocation
  • Astral Projection
  • Energy Works
  • Celtic Magick
  • Wicca
  • Neo-Druidry
  • Angelism

The songs I love the most

Songs are like a part of life. They cheer up our mind when we are sad,upset or depressed. They say we have a life to enjoy,because this life won't come again.They sometimes touch our heart,,make us entertain etc.i Also love songs! Songs i love:

Love me like you do- Ellie Goulding

Demons - Imagine dragons

Same old love - Selena Gomez

Kill Em with kindness - Selena Gomez

Faded - Alan Walker

This is what you came for- Rihanna ft Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift

One call Away- Charlie Puth

Just Like Fire - Pink

Hall of Fame- The Script

Counting Stars- One Republic

Superheroes - The Script

Cold Water - J.Beiber

Farewell !

Time to say bye-bye. Hope youenjoyed it.


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