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Name: RiverEssence
Birthday: Mar 10 1998
Location: In the shadows of my own darkness
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 01 Dec 2016

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Plz call me Jax or bunny, I have weird dreams, I have empathy^-^' and my mom was a tarot card reader, she past away about 5 years ago.

I'm shy in person at first and love making new friends ^.^

Also I am a senior at South San High School. If you wish to know more about me plz don't be afraid to message me lol I don't bite... sometimes^-^

Right now I am in need of a teacher who will teach me from the bottom up I used to be on here about maybe a year and a half ago during the time I have been gone I hardly used anything so I'm pretty much starting from the basics again

Treasured boats will sink or float By RiverEssence aka me

How Can A Person who's broken Help Anyone? How Can I Make You Smile when I can't even smile myself? How Do I Give You Laughter when I Don't even have It Myself? I'm A Broken boat In The Sea Of Tears Drowning at The Bottom Only To The Point Where Time Freezes the Water And I Am Left Unconscious but Alive, The way I Live Is If Someone is Willing to Notice The Last Spark Of Hope And Dive Into The deep Treches Of Sea Creatures where They Will Find I, A Forgotten shattered heart, It Shall I Only Become the Greatest treasure if You Fix It, Take Careful of It, Love It, Keep It's trust And Hope. Only Then will You Be Able To Sail This Boat Into The Heavens of Happiness and Love But Be Warned if The Boat Is To Leak And Sink Once Again you Shall go Down with Her As Well

Stupidity of My Treasure By RiverEssence aka me

Why do I text you when you won't text me back now, why do I keep putting my treasure through these fucking windows? It always shatters more and more, every time it hits the floor. This treasure doesn't shine like gold nor like silver or steel. It's covered in rust and black, you will never see any reflection in it, no matter how hard you try. My treasure keeps trusting everyone who claims it's beautiful but it's all a lie. What a foolish treasure, thinks it will loved even if it's tarnished on the outside no one can see the true beauty. No One!

The sweet rain, oh how it comforts me~Jax


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