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Name: .Alvaster.
Location: 49,14,122,48 Death awaits
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Hello my name is Alva'ster

I love rubbing toothpaste on my chest until it tingles

I came here to study and share information. As well gain support for my order. I do love to study the darker forms of magic such as necromancy.

If you wish to speak to me you can message me on my kik which is below


The period at the end is part of my username

I am more into the gothic subculture but I have my own style

I am into metal, ambient,dubstep, and soundtracks.

I don't really follow any religion but I consider myself a spiritually aware person. I can also be quite a nerd since I play games,cosplay, And LARP

I also practice martial arts and self defense

There are many more things about me but if you'd like to know simply ask.

THE PROXINIAN RACE: I myself am the founder and leader of this group. I have felt that there needs to be a change in our lives and we as humans have the ability to become more and ascend higher as a better race. Despite our years of conflict, we as humans delay in our evolution and fall short when we advance into another stage of our existence. So much have happened to us and our home I almost gave up. But I have hope in us and in our future which still shines bright. Our united states government as well other governments and organizations around the world have so much power but they make selfish acts and do things for personal gain. people become manipulated and many more get hurt. Even our social system is going down hill. I will not just sit and watch while others are living in darkness when I not as an American but as a human can stand up and improve our quality and environment for everyone here. I am not doing this for a god or for a personal reason I do this as a choice. Because we all have a choice. I do not expect everything to go peacefully and I will do what I must to complete my task. If I can do it without violence I will, but we will push forward. I hope to build a new system. A new world order for all. Because no matter your sexuality, your skin, your culture or practice. We are all the same on the inside and we will become stronger together. Because united we stand.

If you wish to become a fellow proxy speak to me and we can work things out. But I would like it if you are at least 18. 17 may be acceptable depending on the circumstances.


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