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Name: Sylviana
Last Seen: Sun, 23 Oct 2016


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Hello. If you have questions or need help, you may PM me. I also get bored a lot, so you can message me just to talk, as long as you have a topic in mind and can hold a somewhat intelligent conversation.

I go by Sylviana online. Most people on the live chat call me Sylvi or Sylv, so either one of those is fine, too.

I have a girlfriend, who I have been with for almost a year. It is not currently a polyamorous relationship, and this is not a dating site, so I will not tolerate any flirting in private messages.

I am an Aries and my Moon sign is Leo.

The element I feel closest to is Fire. That does not mean I can control Fire; no one can. It just means that I work with Fire the most in my spellcasting and feel a personal connection to that element.

My belief system is technically eclectic, I suppose; I think there are things in almost every religion that are true, so I incorporate bits and pieces from many faiths into my practice. However, there are some things I believe that I haven't heard in other religions, and simply felt right to me. My path is largely based on magick, the elements, faeries, and souls of the dead. I celebrate Beltaine in honor of the fae and Samhain in honor of the dead because of that. Many people believe that the fae and souls are dangerous; I think it depends. Same as there are dangerous humans, there are dangerous faeries and dangerous souls. I also believe in reincarnation, as I had very vivid memories of a past life when I was a child. I do not work with deities, nor do I worship any. I respect people who do, however. That's all I'll get into on my path here, though it is much more complex than that.

I do all sorts of magick. I hex, I do protection spells, I do money spells, sympathetic magick, candle magick, crystal magick, etc. I do not believe in any sort of karmic dogma, so I have no qualms with cursing and hexing if I feel someone deserves it.

Yes, I could be in a coven other than Spell Casters by now if I really wanted to. I don't. I like being able to add spells and articles, and I'm not really looking for a close-knit group right now when it comes to magick. I'm happy being a solitary Witch.

I enjoy writing and acting. I'm far better at writing, though.

I'm very into fiction and the fandom community. Feel free to recommend books/movies/TV shows, etc. to me. My music taste is very eclectic, so you can recommend various genres of music to me, too.


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