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Name: Jeikobumaku
Location: everywhere and nowhere
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Last Seen: Tue, 04 Oct 2016

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My name is jacob and Well what I like to do is really 4 things that people might think don't mix 1 I really sometimes I just like to lay down and sleep in the grass under a tree on a windy day sometimes I like to spare and b as title with my friends just playing though not serious or anything like that I also fascinated by magic so many things where science doesn't make the rules magic is cool for me and I barely started with my friend who does black magic his name is Jessie he's kinda dumb when I say he's dumb it's because of what happened to him he did the lonely hide and seek spell and well he can't find the doll he trapped a spirit or spirits in and it's tried to kill him all the time and I know what it thinking aren't you worried umm no because I trust my friend I know he's tough as nails inside and I know he won't die that easily plus if he's really in trouble he'll ask for my help sometimes he a little stubborn when it comes to dying because well apparently we have a problem a magician is out to kill my friend I think and he's really advanced u see my friend can only levitate 10or6 inches of the ground and summon 3or4 skeleton s right now so the magician mopped the floor with Jessie s skeletons he barley had enough time to get away so yea now my fourth habit is science I know what he thinking again science and magick don't mix well not true true magic is explainable but scientists don't believe that's their problem I'm probably one of the first science enthusiasts ever to believe in magic I'm not saying all scientists think this way just most of them do I think schools should have a magic class after all the other ones even the kinder and pre school should learn a little bit of magic so we can pass down the ancient arts to everyone some scientists believe in psychics and not witches or pagan magic white magic or black magic somebody should like make a magical summer school for people who want to learn it be like Hogwarts from Harry potter not everything in those stories is fake a lot is fake and a lot is true anyways my other friend jacob barely started magic last week he does fire magic but he taking his baby steps before he wants to try a spell so yea he said he wants to studies it and get the hang of it first which is what me and my friend Jessie did two months ago when we first started which is when the time were the magician and the doll started trying to thkill us so yea and I will start a magic academy with my friends also I met a white witch online his mom will probably teach him when the time comes or he'll teach himself off SOM I don't choose the path people call good or evil I don't believe that magic dark magic and white magic exists it's all magic and just because of what magic someone uses doesn't mean they're good or evil it depends on what they do with it that's what makes them good or evil everyone has their own path if you follow someone else's path that doesn't make you unique if you think just because you do black magic doesn't mean your evil just because of what you are doesn't mean you have to hide from everyone I'm not living in hiding someone asks me what I am doing I'm gonna say the truth because it's time we and everyone accepts what we are and that doesn't mean regular people can't do magic or can't become magical people


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