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Name: Derekpowers
Location: Canada
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 19 Jun 2016

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Hey! I'm a 69years old man. I love magic, the concept of it has always appealed to me; right from my young age. I do really know much about magic, and I love to assist and guide people spiritually. So I guess you could say that I'm a very good magician. Also, I do black magic; which I've been doing for ten years now. I learned black magic from Africa. Additionally, my native tongue is English so I had to learn a native African language.

I love metaphysics, which is the main reason magic fascinates me so. I am always looking to learn more, this world is filled with so many things that I know and the otherwise. The most intriguing part of magic, to me is magical creatures/entities and working with them.

If you're in need of any sort of spiritual guidance or help, I will be pretty much available. As I've said previously, I do know I'm eager to use my knowledge and experience to help people. Demonology is another thing that interests me. I feel connected to these creatures as I learn about them; I even admire some of them. I am an introverted person. I have few, but good friends. I feel more connected to spiritual side of nature than other people....that's why I like spiritual work so much. I really wouldn't have interest in magic, if I couldn't work with spirits and demons.

I am a spiritual person and happy for that, because a lot of people in world aren't like that. As time passes people start focusing more and more on material things. And in the end, they began to forget the spiritual side of nature and they don't understand how important it is!

I've lived many lives before. I don't like materiality. I focus only on spiritual things. I don't care about material things, It's not worthed it for me. With that thought, I'm not afraid of death. I already overcame death. I have accepted the fate of all living beings is to live and eventually die. I know the after-life exists, so I don't have any problems. Especially because I think that in the moment I die, I'll be free from all the horrors of this world. All the pain and suffering will fade and I'll be able to move on.

Feel free to mail me about anything, @ I will always reply back! Thank you for reading my profile, I wish to all of you the best and have a nice day!


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