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Name: celesei
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Hi! You can call me Celeste. I'm a nontraditionalist at heart, and a young aspiring secular urban witch. I believe my age is not a factor, although I'm fairly fairly young (15 to be exact). I believe I'm fairly "mature" for my age, many people can't ever properly guess my age I assume. I will fully respect if you do not wish to interact with me any further because of my age.

I do have a background in Hellenic worship as well, but I do not incorporate it much into my magick practices. I do consider my patron god to be Hermes. I also worship goddess Athene as well.

I am not a brand new witch, and I do have some experience working with the craft. I do not believe in light or dark magick, I believe magick is truly neutral until acted upon. It is entirely subjective in my point of view. There's not just a black and white, there's also a grey. I will gladly debate my views at any time, as long as it is a civil debate :)

Along with my craft, comes my sometimes overbearing liberal views as well. I believe strongly against cultural appropiation, especially in the witch community. I do not appreciate the practice of closed cultures by ignorant people especially. I consider myself an intersectional feminist. I also corporate my sexuality into my magick, it is purely a piece of my identity. I am a lesbian, if you didn't know :)

I also will not tolerate those who belittle my craft or myself. My craft is my craft, and is what works for me.


fun facts (in case you're still reading this!):

i'm a capricorn sun, libra moon, and virgo rising. indeed, i have one boring combination of personality traits.

i'm left handed! (and i frequently complain about it! it's a hard life!)

i use exclamation points waay too much.

when i'm not doing witchcraft, i'm either listening or making music. i love indie music especially. i play the clarinet, the saxophone, and the piano.

my favorite area of witchcraft is probably the aesthetics tbh.

did i mention i love aesthetics?? i love pretty looking things, i'm your stereotypical teenager.

i am indeed a lesbian, but i like the term sapphic better. it's a prettier term.

i live in southern u.s.a. and despise it pretty much. i live out in the middle of nowhere.


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