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Name: Energypriest
Location: Dominican Republic
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 03 Nov 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
"Love? there is no need for that, this site is for magick not love, though if someone can make me regret that, then you're welcome to try and 'tame' me."

If you want to mail me then you must read my Bio first

Greetings, I am Energy priest, i have three years of experience about magic, also sorry but i don't teach at all, but maybe if you really insist I may give you a few lessons, i'm a spiritual person, i specialize in more spiritual practices, I work with the norse and egyptian pantheons, the deities I worship are Anubis, Ra, Odin and Hel.

You are human, non-human beings like vampires, werewolves, banshees, etc. don't exist in the physical plane also the people that thinks that can control the elements, that is just Hollywood magic. Real magick is the ability to bend the energy around us to a degree, not completely. If you want to mail me with an "explanation" about how you became a vampire or how you "gained" powers that doesn't exist then do it.


Things that I consider that aren't true at all

"and controlling element is really and I can control fire..."


I rediscovered myself, my sexuality is Homoromantic bisexual and I like polyamorous relationships

Status: Single

My studies:

Sigil creation

Thought forms

Energy magick

Force magick




Learning/want to learn

Blood magick

Sexual magick

Mythology (all kinds)

My hobbies: Roleplaying (not here though, i take my studies seriously) Classic music (instrumentals like piano and violin) writing, kind of anime, gaming (just a Little, i'm not hardcore)

I'm also a maker of wRHGs, people just give me an idea to make them and i just write it, if anyone wants to know about wRHG contact me.

if you want to mail me, then do it, but please use a subject

I was taught by a witch near me, she taught me the basics of magick and some of her studies like how to create thought forms, umbramancy, energy and force magick, i will still want the path that she taught me as she was a really important person for me.


These are some of my quotes that i use often.

"Everybody has something inside them, they only need to search for them and they will find it."

"I'd prefer dance with the truth rather than dance with a lie, because a lie can tell you whatever you want it to tell you, but truth will only tell you what it really knows."

"My skin is paper, my blood is ink, my fingers are pens, i will reflect my joy, my hopes and dreams, but also my sadness, hatred and delusions through my writes. That is the anthem of a writer."

"I'm who I am, no matter what, even though I would like to be with someone that would love me and understand me sometimes."

"Fere libenter homines, id quod volunt, credunt - Men just believe, what they want to believe."

"Sometimes, the people forget that the pen is even mightier than a sword, that is why most of people fall into the insanity"


Well, everybody is making this color thing, so I will make my own original one, just like a joke, though you still can mail me with one of those titles

Blue= I was just wanted to talk

Yellow= Teach me! Teach me please! TEACH ME!

Green= Can I ask you something important?

Purple= I just was a little bored

Red= I wanted to know more about you

Pink= I want to talk about magick

Orange= I think that I like you

Black= I want you to listen to my problems

Rainbow= You?re hard to tame, I like it

White= I?m crushing on you

Brown= I would like a very awkward talk

Blood red= I don?t like you, but I don?t hate you either

Crimson= I have "powers/abilities" and i can prove it

Turquoise= I am a "shifter" and i want to prove you that i'm a "shifter"

Aqua= I want to try to be your friend

Gold= I want to share my knowledge with you

Silver= I hate you

Periwinkle= I feel strange when I look into your profile

Grey= I think that your knowledgeable, please teach me!

Mystery= I?m just horny babe!


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