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Name: Lil.Vampy
Birthday: Dec 8 1997
Location: Picnic at a Cemetery
Last Seen: Wed, 17 Aug 2016

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Personal Bio

-Art does not belong to me. Please give credit to original owner.-


STOP ASKING ME IF I'M A VAMPIRE. I AM NOT A VAMPIRE! Just because my Username may sound fluffy doesn't mean I am one !

*** READ "Mailing Me" AND "Frequently Asked Questions" BEFORE YOU SEND ME A MESSAGE ***
Those who don't follow will be most likely ignored.

Mailing Me
If you want to receive a response from your message, please read the following below. If you disobey any of these rules, you will be ignored. Be aware I'm not very good with conversations. I am more responsive towards questions, advice, and magick related discussions . Other then that, I will probably bore you. Anyways, back to the rules. (Yes, I am aware of it being long. You're just going to have to deal with it.)

***Rules for Messaging Me***

  1. Do not ask or count on me to be your teacher. Though I'd be happy to help you with whatever you may struggle with. But I cannot actively be your teacher 24/7 or give you daily lessons. Simply ask what you wish to have knowledge on and I'll do my very best to help. Be aware that I am still learning and that I have limited knowledge on some things. I really advise you not to stick with one teacher anyway. It's a good idea to get information from different sources (people, internet, books). Also talk to someone with many years of studying and experience with magic, look if they are labeled Novice, Knowledgeable or if they have a well written bio detailing their experiences in magic. A lot of people on here have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. So be careful where you get your sources from .

  2. Do not ask me to predict your future or do any form of reading. A lot of you are really dependent and gullible about everything in readings. So yeah, no.

  3. Do not ask me to cast a spell for you. I cast for myself. Nobody else. Not many people do cast for other people Anyways so might as well study, practice, and cast for yourself. Also, personal opinion, I would stay away from people who cast for others and charge money. Most of them are a hoax and scammers. So be careful if you plan going into that route.

  4. Do not ask me to help you turn into some creature. Accept the fact that it's impossible and you are human as long as you live. And that this is not La-La Land here. And that you need to get back to reality and grow up a little.

  5. Do not tell me you are or part vampire, werewolf, mermaid, fairy, god/goddess, demon, angel, or a otherkin or just other beings that does not exist in this physical plane. Basically those who claim not to be human when they CLEARLY ARE. They hate being human, so they "change" it. And it is IMPOSSIBLE to have an ANIMAL soul. You can be animal-like, just no soul. Anyways, I simply have no interest in or time for people who are delusional. Offended? I simply do not care. And don't even bother me with your butthurt comments and don't message me explaining and trying to prove to me that you're "the real deal." I'll block you with no response so typing all that would be simply a waste. Also, interesting read for "vampires." You need some facts thrown in your face:

    Note to Newbies: Stay away from those who claim to be other than human or superior. They are a COMPLETE waste of your time.

  6. Do not send any flirty, sexual, and dating proposal messages to me.The only relationship you will achieve from me is friendship. Don't try ruining it with your "smooth" talking. It simply does not work on me.

  7. Do not harass me, threaten me, or disrespect me for whatever crazy reason you may have. If you have an issue with me, be mature and smart about it. You can either A.) block me or B.) confront me about it. But if you decide to be immature, you will be blocked and possibly reported depending how far you are willing to take threats and harassment. Remember that I am a person with emotions. So have at least a little respect for me as I will naturally to you.

  8. Do not spam my mail. ONE message at a time, please. I will get back to you, so do not worry. Also I understand that some people have internet difficulties and have no control over the spamming, let me know so I can excuse you, as for the others, stop, it's annoying and it's difficult for me to keep track.

  9. Do not ask me to RP (Role Play) with you. Because I won't. (Keep in mind, I'm not against those who rp. It's just not my cup of tea.)

  10. Do not ask me for personal information such as, my phone number, home address, last name, etc.

  11. Do not type liek dis all dah tiem. It makes you look rather childish and undereducated. All I asked is for you to type in a matter which I can read without having issues.

  12. Do not trouble me with personal issues you may have in your life. Not because I have no heart but because I got problems of my own to deal with, I don't know you personally, and I am not a licensed therapist. If you are struggling and in need for help, scroll further done until you see the title " For the stress, depressed, and suicidal ." From there, a will be a link provided to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have Skype ?
    Yes, I have a Skype. No, you may not Skype me.

  • Do you have a Facebook ?
    Yes, I have a Facebook. No, you may not friend me.

  • Do you have Kik, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter ?
    Not a single one. Not planning to make any of them either.

  • Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend ?
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    For the stressed, depressed, and suicidal : I'm pretty sure you heard this cliche phrase, but life does get better, and it's true. I know what it's like struggling with depression. You're not the only one fighting the battle. Don't fight it alone. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I strongly advise you to go to . This website is very updated and available nationwide 24/7 by trained listeners. They are there to help you. (Feel free to copy and paste this on you're profile. You never know, it just might save a life.)

    About Me
    Hello, and welcome to my profile/personal bio, my nickname is Vampy but my real name is Cora, I'm eighteen years-old.I've been on this site for like 5 years and thats just about the same amount of years I've been practicing and studying. I am very serious with my practice and studies. I am here to learn, seek spiritual enlightenment, and balance within myself. I'm currently trying to get back to my spiritual roots that I've abandoned for so long. I'm not really here to be everyone's friend, I like to keep my groups very small numbered.

    Some facts about me...

    -Be sure to separate my attitude from my personality. My personality is who I am and my attitude is depended in what kind of person you are. I might be a butt, I might not. It just depends.

    - Apparently, I come off as a really mean person on this site because people get so hurt by the truth. For one, I'm just EXTREMELY blunt. A lot of people find my honesty rather rude, but I simply don't like sugar coating anything. So if you don't like straightforward and hard on honesty, it would probably be a wise choice not to speak to me. If you think my bluntness makes me mean then you never truly met a mean person.

    - I love piercings and tattoos. Piercings more though. I spend alot of my free time looking up different and unique piercings and jewelry pieces. I also plan to be a piercer and tattoo artist one of these days. I'm currently focusing on being a piercer as I feel my drawing skills need more work.

    - I'm an artist by heart. I love to take pictures, sing, draw, and write poetry. I have a few photos of my "work" if you're curious. I'm not the best so excuse the unprofessionalism. lol. Also, sadly, I cannot show you any of my poetry as I lost my journal in the abyss of my messy bedroom...?

    - I love gore. I love all that is bloodily and disgusting- to a extend. I like seening it in movies, books, drawings, and artistic photographs but NEVER in real life.

    - I collect bones, crystals, sea shells, plants and basically anything nature has to offer. Which I also have a few photos of. I also collect anything that is strange and antique. Again I have some of them featured in my Photos.

    Spiritual Facts About Me

  • I can hear and sense the dead.

  • I can see auras. But not all the time. Please stop asking for aura readings.

  • I can sense energies and detect what they are and where they are from.

  • Almost every time someone wrongs me, bad things happen to them. Nothing too serious, minor things usually. I have no control over these things. And I have no idea where it comes from. I'm not saying this to spook or make people "try me." Just a fact that I find strange and interesting. Who knows, it just might be karma.
  • My Studies

  • Magic in general and how to manipulate it.
  • Crystals/stones
  • Herbs/plants
  • Divination of various kinds
  • Brain frequencies
  • Meditation
  • Chakras (mostly about stimulation or opening)

  • Be aware that I am not a master at any of these.
    **To 5+ Experienced individuals: Advice will be very appreciative**

    My personal beliefs?
    **Please keep negative comments to yourself**

    I find my beliefs are a little hard to narrow down into one religion. In the past I've converted and left 3 religions. I used to be a Catholic (for 7 years), a Wiccan (for 4 years), and a Satanist (for about 1.5 year). I've studied almost every (mainstream) religion you can think of. The only religions I found myself close to was Satanism, Wicca, Buddhism and a few others. But I wasn't satisfied and I didn't feel like I fit in. Our belief systems were similar but not the same. I think there is no such as a "true" path or religion, it's only true, if you feel it's right for you and that you benefit from it mentally and spiritually. And I have came to the conclusion that I don't really need a religion to define who I am and what my morals are or should be. I make my own morals and rules that are suited for me. I do not rely or worship to any sort of deity/deities, or to have religious books or groups to instruct me how I should live. I may be "rebellious" and perhaps a bit of an outcast, but I am not lost for simply having "no path". I do have a path. A path I've paved myself, that revolves around things that I believe will help me evolve and form myself into better person and help me achieve my personal goals and dreams and also to help people, benefit nature and the universe. I have myself and that is all I really need to get through this life. Please be aware that I'm not a discriminatory type of person towards people based on their religion or belief.

    I don't believe that darkness is "evil" and light is "good." I completely feel it is false. Darkness and light are a part of nature. And nature is not good, nor evil. Both darkness and light have positive and negative properties, we need both in order to create harmony and balance. We can't have one without the other. It's just how nature works.

    I am a very FIRM believer in reincarnation.

    My Practices
    I study more than I practice. I don't cast spells very often. My practice mainly revolves around crystals and my own energies and basically anything from nature. Other practices I sometimes work with money/luck and divination, so far in divination I've done hydromancy, pendulum, sciomancy, palmistry, crystallomancy, aeromancy, and precognition.

    Yet again, not a master at any of these.

    YAY! You finally made it to the end of my bio!
    Oh hush! Reading is good for you. Anyways, thank you for visiting my bio. Stay safe, cast responsibly, and have a pleasant day.


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