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Name: Servant
Location: I'm not stupid!
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 15 Jun 2016

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Please read my entire profile, otherwise, don't bother. Thank you.

This is the 2nd profile for Lord_of_Wind, as I was gagged and have no idea why.

Before we get started, here's the reason I chose my coven: I love helping people, so I saw what this coven wanted to do and said, "I need to join NOW!"

Hello, my name is Maxwell. I would like to tell my whole story, but I'm afraid 2 things will happen as a result: 1) People will call me out, which I do not blame them for as it's hard for me to understand myself; 2) It's just so long and confusing that people will have trouble following along. Because of these reasons, I will not tell my tale, but instead will tell what I know I can without confusion or disbelief.


So far through my journey, I have discovered many things about myself and magic. These include (But are not limited to):

Control of wind (struggle sometimes)

Beast Magic (Easy and hard to contain)

Healing magic (Powerful and simple)

(Slight) Time Manipulation

Music magic (Work in Progress)

Amulet Creation

Enchanting, Blessing, etc.


Spell Creation

and more!


Through out my life, many strange things have happened to me. I have had odd injuries that no one else has had (Mostly embarrassing)that I do not wish to talk about. I am a gamer, musician, and music enthusiast, among other things. I have practiced magic for around 4 years, and maybe longer without realizing it. I am extremely powerful and do not recommend picking a fight with (Though I am a total softy and generally am a pacifist). I have to stay in the mountains so that my power remains contained. You may be asking,"Why does his power need contained?" I'm glad you (possibly) asked! If I leave the mountains for too long without any seals placed on me, then tornadoes tend to ravage the country. Hard to believe, right? I have recently found a way to leave, though, and am working on making it more powerful. I am a magic guardian, and as such I protect someone. I refuse to reveal who as it may put them in danger. I am constantly researching magic and doing things with it! Most people IRL think me a beast and something unatural... but they have no idea! Any questions? Feel free to ask! (More info on asking questions and contact below)


I have Diabetes and can confirm a link between diseases and magic. My mind tends to race and I occasionally come up with genius ideas, which (so far) many scientists have figured out later. I will not disclose my age or location to anybody except those I trust. I have the senses of an animal and the same can be said for almost every aspect of myself. I tend to find people more or less interesting. If you catch my eye, you will know. I love asian food and hate coffee, but love tea. I love helping people and hate it when I reach my message limit on this site because it prohibits me from helping. NOT A CREEP, JUST A GENIUS! I do teach magic to those willing to learn. If you want to learn or need help with something, message me on these platforms and I will get back to you ASAP:

Skype: gildendwarf32

Kik: mingomusic


Message status (Updates when needed): Good to go!


Spirit animal: Fox

Specialization: Pretty much everything

Favorite food: Vegetable lo Mein

Star sign: Ares

Birth Stone: Blood Stone

Favorite color(s): Black, white, grey, red, blue, purple, and orange

"There are things in this world even the brightest of the bunch cannot understand" ~ ME!




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