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Name: NotusAurai
Birthday: Apr 16 1986
Location: The United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 17 Jun 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

Winds in the east, Mist coming in, Like something's brewing, about to begin...

My Craft: I enjoy connecting and communicating with all aspects of nature and the cosmos and it is through that connection that I perform my workings. Nature spirits act as my guides in both my personal and my magical life. The spirits I work with originate from greek lore although I'm not a Greek Polytheist. My craft is heavily centered around nature and natural energies. I'm eclectic and don't follow any one path and I often enjoy creating my own ways to do things. I don't work with deities but I do work with personified concepts.

Myself: I'm thirty years of age and I'm a florist by trade. It may not be the best paying job but it is something I have always enjoyed doing. I'm happily married to a truly wonderful man and I'm father to twin boys. When I have some time to myself I enjoy turning my hands to arts and crafts and find cooking to be rather relaxing and therapeutic.

The South Wind.
With head that lightens in the clouds,And feet that flash along the flood,
The south wind comes and shakes the shrouds of ships, and dances in my blood.
He clove his way through unknown skies,Not soon to come within our ken,
From that white, lonely land that lies, Beyond the world of living me.
His laughter rocks the spires; his hand Seizes the pine-tree by the hair;
His voice goes roaring through the land,And drives unto his den Despair.
The singers suave of soft delights,At these my great musician mocks,
He strikes the forest-harp, and smitesThe song of storm from hollow rocks.
And I who cursed my natal star,And said of late that life was vain,
Am born upon his wings afar, And thank the gods for life again.
- Victor J. Daley.

  • I'm sorry but I don't cast spells for others. Please refrain from messaging me about topics which are clearly fictional.

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