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Name: Bluebubble
Location: The Heart Land
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 12 May 2017

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I have always had an extraordinarily strong attraction to nature & animals. I've also thought I was a bit different in some way compared to others who only admired them, as I felt an intense empathy and attraction to help and learn through all aspects of nature and creatures in it. Being raised Christian, I had no knowledge of pagan, druid or wican ways till recently.

My Mother was born in Scotland & lost her Mom & Dad an early age & I am 1gen. American. She lived till 93 & often laughed about tales she recalled of my grandmother and her evil eye. My Grandfather was the captain of a large fishing vessel & it's said that other fishermen from a different fleet would cross the street and not look her in the eye for fear she would curse their vessels & their catch. Recently while looking up my family tree of Wales on my Dad's side (also deceased) & Scotland on my Mom's, I ran across my Great Great Grandmother who was accused and convicted of witchcraft in the 1600's . The trial states that she and a group of other wiches threw stones in the water causing a ship to go down with it's crew. I was astounded to find these documents, and it started me thinking...I wound up here a week or so ago. I've tried several money spells and wrote them in a notebook along with any responses good or not after casting it. I must say that I've been flabbergasted at the good fortune that has graced me as of late. Far more than a coincidence, as I have never been what I'd call lucky. I am eager to learn more, and am changing the way I've looked at life up till now. What a wonderful journey I feel I'm on. I have always lived on the water and found great satisfaction on its shores. I have collected fine beach glass my whole life never knowing why. I've used it now in several protection spells & on an alter I am building with a feeling like this is what it's purpose may have been. Not just jewelry, and decorative trinkets, but mans wasteful pollution tumbled for decades in the waves to produce a gift far more precious. I'd like to hear what more experienced Practioners think. Blessed Be. Bluebubble.


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