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Name: Agiel
Birthday: Jul 30
Location: Portugal
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 22 Oct 2016


Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

Personal Bio

Note: As of right now I'm the Coven's Welfare Officer. Any problems that have to do with Penta Magic Coven and it's members, should be reported to me.

About Mail:
Read this before deciding to send any Mail.

  • I do not mind to just small talk, but it's advisable for you to have an actual subject in mind.
  • I will not teach you but i will give you advice on any topic that i have knowledge on, however i will not spoon-feed you in any way.
  • I will not cast spells for you or give you a tarot reading. Except for healing spells, i will cast those for anyone in need.
  • I will not open mail that has no subject. If you want to mail me, put a subject on it.
  • Speak proper English. I'm a very patient man, but do not test me.

Breaking one of these " guidelines " will lead to a block.


About me:

If you do not know me, call me Agiel or Akiko. Sadly, i have Depressive Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Depression & I'm labeled a psychopath. I was born with them and will probably, die with them. However, they are not an important factor. They don't interfere with my capacity to give advice and/or help. In my blood you will find that i am Portuguese, Spanish & French. I am bisexual.

I'm currently taking a pastry course in one of the best schools of Portugal.
For hobbies i like to write poetry, play the piano and play volleyball. Volleyball is the only sport i actually like, it's a good sport to train your arms & focus/attention and poetry is my way of putting my feelings in to words.
I love to watch movies and to play video games, specially Beautiful Creatures & Resident Evil.

I can see/talk/hear spirits ever since i was a child. My purpose is to help deliver any messages they have, to help them and their families. I can easily know if a spirit is present in a room or if a person is being followed by a spirit. This is the main reason that lead me to get in to the paranormal.

I entered the occult world when i was 11. My house was haunted and i suffered a lot, so i decided to study the occult and the paranormal to find a way of getting rid of the spirit. I immediately fell in love with the occult & the paranormal, so i keep studying it.
Somehow, in the middle of studying the paranormal, i ended up entering the magick world and i immediately knew this was my calling.
I'm an eclectic pagan and a tarot reader for about 4-5 years. I found out, at a very young age, that i had the ability to take pain out of people only by a simple touch. I do not show that gift, unless someone is in need.


My studies and Deities:

  • The Paranormal: This is one of my main studies. I'm " specialized " in spirits of any kind, Haunted people & Places and much more.
  • Divination : Also one of my main studies. I've been studying and practicing tarot for 4-5 years now. I've done it to a lot of people and always had great feedback.
  • Healing & Protection Magic: I've been practicing Healing & Protection magic ever since i found out about my gift. This is my favorite magical practice, besides divination.
  • Dreams: I also study the dreams. What their meanings are, what message they carry.
  • Candles: I do a lot of candle magick. I study what their colors mean & the way the flame acts when burning down the candle.
  • Curses: This is what i mostly practice, besides Healing & Protecting. I study what curses do, how to cast them and how to break them.

The Deities i follow:

Greek Goddess Artemis: Mostly known as the Goddess of the Moon & Hunt.
Egyptian God Set: Mostly known as the God of the Desert, Storms & Evil.


My Spiritual Little Sister Darkly:

You're the sister i never had. You're the sister that i always wanted, you're all i could possibly ask for.

You're my little sister. You're my world, my everything, my life.

I will protect you forever, even if the cost is my life. I'll never stop watching over you.

You're the only person in this world that i just can't afford to lose.

I love you with every fiber of my being.

Whenever you need me, come to me. I don't care if it's at 3 a.m. or if I'm doing other stuff. I will never be busy for you.

You're my little sister and my soulmate.


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