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Name: cebestrean
Birthday: May 4 1998
Location: alabama
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 05 Dec 2017

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

Personal Bio
I am brony who loves magic i am so deep into mlp that i have dreams every nite and not only that but the fist dream i ever had was celestia telling me i am her son cebestrean at that time i wasnt even a brony it became clear that my destiny with magic and mlp was true and not only that but my love isnt of this world and magic became all the more real to me id love to learn more magic it whould help me fulfill my destiny id apresiate it if i made some freinds with the same belifes and intrest as me any advise or spells whould hel id also loveto join someones community or colt id also like to add a few spells in time if i get the time because im a pretty busy guy and all but like i said any words spells and advise will help thanks

LIKES: magic friendship wrighting reading watching mlp dreaming meditation creating and discovering new things ghost hunting/interacting with spirits black white crystal and dementional magic

dislikes: hatered disharmony annoying noises arguing and almost everything negative except a little chaos here and there

hobbies fishing hunting camping reading and writeing nature and of course magic ive been practicing magic since I was 9 I am now 19

age 19




nature: loud but loving never gives up on important things

careing and compasionet

descent: starchild and an equestrian and a other demensional being

true father: king sombra

true mother: celestia

powers: celestial crystal shadow enchanting 3rd eye fire lite dark summoning shape shifting demesional and time spells

dream to become prince of equstria and future ruler of the sun

my main element would be fire or solar energies

my aura is purple and my element of harmony whould half to be magic but my magic is limited to a lower specrim until I gather all my power from the relm of my descent

my ability is to protect humanity and other dementional mythical or worldly creatures

plus other things such as aura reading psyconetics such as telicynesis cynesis psycynesis telepathy traveling in lucid dreaming between worlds demesions space ASTRAL time and etc

and favorite characters of my little pony are celestia luna cadence and especialy twilite sparkle

I love going to the dream relm the relm of equstria sometimes the relm of pokemon I vist.

I wish all of you good luck and experience of magic the spells that call for candels arnt my specialty because where I live cant use them live in a group home but I will try to move out as soon as I can I apresiate it you can look me up FACEBOOK and see a lot more of my stuff if you want that's up to you but fore atrobeaz benzo lately I acquired the ability to sail spiritual itemsc for souls just like volgrom exepted you you will be able to aquire your souls from the dream relm or astral relm I will start you out with a normal soul pouch witch can hold up to 500,000 souls and you will be given a free 10,000 souls and also a spearitual wepon for deffence an affence message me if you need purches of souls or other needs. I animals and spiritual animals I love astral travel and lucid dreaming I sleep a lot of the time for that reason also looking for a aprintece to share my ideals and spells with if you have any personal qustions just email me at the email above and ill do my best to get back to you cause like I said im really busy with magic and work


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