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Name: SkylarWolf
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 14 Jun 2016

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I love wolves and dying my hair. I also love playing games and trying new things. I like to skateboard and wish to be better. I have a wolf pack and I'm alpha. I like to try magic I heard that there is some Wicca in my family but idk for sure. I love doing art and I like to have many friends. Btw I'm taken DONT TRY TO FLIRT WITH ME!!!!!! ITS NOT A DATING SIGHT AND IM LOYAL AS FUCK TO MY BOYFRIEND IF YOU WANT TO FLIRT.. GO TO ANOTHER PERSON!!

I used to have a lot a depression and was kinda suicidal but I stopped a little while ago so if you wanna talk to me about your problems I'm always here to help. I also am very insecure about my looks and have some anxiety.

I always felt deeply connected with wolves, I never actually seen one with my own eyes but always felt something more with wolves. About half a month ago I found out that one of my spirit animals is a wolf, his name is Max and is blackish brown. Very beautiful brown eyes too. I have a wolf pack, the pack is called Silvermist Wolf Pack. I have 12 members and is trying to find more but has to live nearby in my neighborhood since we have tons of celebrations and meetings. I am alpha and I have an alpha mate. We are all family not in blood but by heart and we have certain laws. This is the third pack I've been alpha in and the third pack I've been in. The other packs, the power died.. we believe many things but like to keep secret. We have many games we made up and love to play and have our own territory including woods.

I don't play too many games but I love to play mine craft, plants vs zombies warfare, call of duty, black ops, (any), halo, Mario, sims, wolves online, piano tiles, and some more. I also am most of the times brave enough to try new things.

I love skateboarding it sometimes keeps my mind off of bad things and I love going to the skate park and going down ramps, I need to practice on tricks. I could kinda do the Ollie but need to be higher.

I had some experience with magic, I tried many spells with my friend I used to see. She had a mother or aunt(one of those two) that was a witch and my friend was a werewolf, she could turn into a wolf and so could her cousins. I don't see her anymore since we have different schools. I overheard that I have Wicca in my family but I believe that everyone has magic in them, they just need to find it and embrace it. I think magic could be beautiful. I don't do much dark magic, I mostly practice on light magic. I am trying really hard to find a werewolf spell to make me be able to turn into a wolf whenever I please, or to shapeshift. So if you could, can you please help me. It's been my dream for more than two years but I finally got to this site.

I love hanging out with people and having friends, it keeps my mind off of the bad things in life. I also love art, I have a deviant art account so maybe you could check out my art and see if you like it, it's furries mostly.

I do have a boyfriend and I do not like to cheat, I'm very loyal to him and would never be unfaithful. I do like complements but I don't go out with other people c: and I'm also bisexual, I like boys and girls.

I am emo/scene whatever you like to call me. I love the bands, sleeping with sirens, ghost town, pierce the veil, falling in reverse, one direction, big time rush, my digital escape, bring me the horizon, green day, fall out boy, and the ready set. I also love invader sim. My favorite color is green, purple, and black.

I won't judge anyone unless they are just plain mean nasty or rude. And I think everyone is perfect in their own ways.

I also want to be a singer in a band maybe when I grow up. I already learned some piano but I am about to learn acoustic guitar and since my step father is in a band he could maybe help me with guitar and make a song. So excited! I think his band name is Mad Alex.

So that's most of the stuff about me yay

Blue= i want a second chance

Yellow=youre cute

green=i want a kiss

Purple= i will die for you

Red=i want you to kiss me

Silver= let's be friends

Gold= let's be close friend

Pink=lets cuddle

Orange= i owe you a kiss

Black= i want a hug

Rainbow = i really like you

White= im crushing on you

Brown= i love you

Crimson= die

Periwinkle=(Note:if you choose this color, you must

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