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Name: .bwyceling
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"My name is Am Bwyce(aum bu-ice>, I also answer to Aum(b), or Ba. (Ba is what the toddlers call me anyhow.. o.O)."

I am a Druid/Bard who also uses science in theorem with magic.. The truth can have profound effects on your life. I can make music with anything, anywhere. I retain many years of experience regarding the occult. I do Divination of many kinds, TaroT being my favorite, right along with gazing.(use of crystal balls, ect) I also do a lot of empathy, energy and trance work, as well as Reiki healing. I have a close relationship with the spirit of the element Air, and a lesser connection with the other three,(due to my studies and active researches regarding Druidism)

Since just before my teen years began, I was enthralled by they events of my childhood which I could not attribute to anything short of pure magic. Looking back on them now, I wish I could go back with all I've learned and go from there.. I began Studying Wicca late 8th grade and never looked back. Since then I have claimed many things, including Druidry, but the reality is, I follow the path that reflects my personal beliefs, leading me inward, upward, and finally outward. One of many lessons I've learned was that of believing in yourself, and not letting the obvious (or oblivious) cloud your judgement.

I say that to say I know that our will is the second strongest tool (next to love) that we will ever wield. Love/passion is what compels/empowers us to bring about change in our lives and others. Its true limits are unknown, and its power is long forgotten. No you don't have to understand exactly what is going on, but to know something IS going on is half the battle.

Currently, my studies include the lesser keys of Solomon, and physical/mental exercises, including various levels of trance/meditation, Qi-Gong, and spirit work.

In my adopted theory.. Every person falls into one of the four categories. Namer, Elemental, Star, and Necromancy. I will make a post detailing each in due time.

I am actively looking for those of us that have naturally attuned to the old ways, or are on a similar path. I am more than happy to go in depth with any of these things, but I am allergic to fluff, so please don't bother to mail or speak to me if you wish to A. Change your physical appearance B. Cast a love spell C. Have me cast a spell for you.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +"Curiosity killed the cat, But the knowledge brought it back." +"Fear is the mind killer." + " Mathematics is the language in which god has written the universe "+


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