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Name: indigo.dream
Location: Woodstock
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 30 Jul 2016

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Merry meet, I'm Anna!


| Background |

Growing up in a stringently Christian household, I was (and am) always eager to explore what my parents had (and have) forbidden me. In my case, my forbidden fruit of choice has always been magick.

Like some of you, my interests initially stemmed from films like "Hocus Pocus", "The Blair Witch Project", and, of course, the whole "Harry Potter" franchise. After some time, I grew up and became more curious of what witchcraft *actually* was. And I discovered that it differed completely from my Hollywood fantasies. So, at eleven or twelve, I performed a few minimal-ingredient spells and incantations. Of course, oblivious to the moon phases and most reliable times for spell-casting (and also a complete lack of logic; come on, money spells?), I failed each time.

Now, I'm fifteen. Though still considerably unlearned within the topic of magick, I have become more curious than ever before. I understand today that magick is not merely a short-term solution to one's own problems, but that it serves a greater purpose. Furthermore, I hope that by acquiring new skills, I will be able to make this world a slightly better place, as corny as that may sound.


| Regarding Potential Friendships |

I'm a thinker, a hippie, and a dreamer, and although I am reasonably open-minded, I typically jive better with those like me. Simply put, if you're into fulfilling conversations rather than small talk, I am probably right up your alley. Otherwise, please waste your time differently.

DISCLAIMER: Provided our conversation goes nowhere and/or I grow bored of "hey, how are you?", I may either block you or delete your message, depending on the offence. Also, use correct punctuation and grammar rules.

Blessed be!


| Addendum |

If you have a problem of any kind, know that I am here, regardless of who you are. I aspire to be a sweetheart to everyone who needs me. Please mail me if you need to vent.


| Quotes I Love |

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. -John Lennon

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. -Ronald Reagan

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. -Dalai Lama

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. -Dalai Lama


| Things I Will Not Do |

-one-on-one tutor you

-date you

-cast a spell for you

-anything else that feels wrong to you

| Things I Will Gladly Do |

-tarot reading (no charge)

-answer your questions

-help you with selected non-magick-related matters, stated in "Addendum"


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