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Name: Mr.Bubles
Location: Ireland
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 26 Jul 2016

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Communication limit reached. If you're Irish message me! I love talking to other people from the homeland. New profile for lonerindark. I'm related to Charles Happy. I can curse you so bad that your eyes will explode so don't mess with me. If you are reading this just message me. I don't like to talk much. for a good reason to Don't ask me why! You don't want to know. If your a Christian or any faiths like that stop reading! Not interested in a relationship. Just want to learn. Message me if you want knowledge I was one with the moon like many of you but I'm not any more. I was a lycan werewolf. I'm now a gargoyle with a full set of my very own scales. (gargoylic glass) For you unintelligent buffoons. I'm a genius. I practice much magic. Many types that you could never do in your farthest dreams. I like to talk, read, play videogames, and I already have a girlfriend so I'm taken. I teach those who wish to learn. That which is perfect is the most imperfect. Lies are only truths in disguise. If you feel someone weird when looking at my profile then mail me. I will mail people late at night alot so beware. Also if you think that I'm fake just mail me and say so then also include why you think I'm fake. I will take all mails from anybody. This is not my first time being a teacher so keep that in mind if you wish to learn. I may not give much detail, but if you ask for more I will give it. I'm Irish so if you don't like the Irish go eat twenty pounds of haggis. I can do very hard math. I love to read. I've read all of the Percy Jackson series and I'm now reading the stormlight archives series so don't spoil it. If you do I will block you. I've already proven people on this website to be fake so don't lie. I can see the future. (for certain people only so don't ask me what your future holds for you) I'm nice to most. I will rant and yell so you are warned. I have many powers. Many forgotten. I walk the light in the dark. I glow like no one should. I I'm the darkness and the light. I walk all paths of life, but none. I am a guild master of bane of wolves. My aurora can be anything I will it to be. They are back. You may know what I'm talking about. You probably won't. I put the man in his place. He will never bother us again. I am the reaper that claims all. You will die, I will die, all of us will die.


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