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Name: SageofLight
Birthday: Nov 21 1988
Location: Basking in the light and Warmth of a higher self.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 11 May 2016

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Personal Bio
Art, the very aspiration of what it means to be the epitome of human kind, we are the seekers of truth,

and through us may our dreams take flight of intended purpose, I speak to those who seek meaning in this unbidden world

for I am he without name nor title. Only the message is clearly given to those who have divine aquastion in thier hearts,

and I am it's messenger. You come to this page unbeknownst to you, for in its own rite you who seek to listen with open mind

and sound body, so heareth does your heart to the way of old. Thy Father has and will always show the way to his creation,

he guides us up when we falter and fray in the begotten valleys of torment and servitude. He alone stands the test of time forever and ever, and through him may we the followers become servants to one another within the grand design of all.

I am here for thy question. Speak to me and I shall listen,

listen to me so thou shalt remember. I, through the hardship in life's grand mystery, have come upon understanding of something

beyond words, and beyond thought, and beyond proceedings of the mind. A continuum of integrated philosophical standings that sought to be expressed and divulged to those with an open heart. So speak, and have good come of it, for the Father is good with it, and just, and harmonious is he to the plight of our kind.

Strive the path which you have walked and harden thy will in the name of grace and love, and to those that are for justice and righteous persuadings. For those shall never toil with falsehood, nor bathe with demons, but, they shall lift you up in the Father's name,

and carry you forth to that place of eternal beauty and serenity. Strive together and one, for you know all of his purpose

is for you to be free and not helplessly swaying in the winds like a leaf, yet to reach the solidity of grounding and selflessness.

I begat only words, he begat the cosmos and the heavens above, and the earth below, and the moon and the tree, the sun and the rock,

and all things in between lay within him as you and I do as well. So upon my brow of sweat and tears I give to you definition,

structure of his kingdom, for he in his likeness do I have the ability and skill to help, and become servant to you in a time of need.

Ask and thou shalt receive.

Though, do not mistake me for that of a prophet, nor of a man whom has title, or desire of such, I merely offer humble service

to those with willful intent and admiration for sound findings of the self. Together we grow for him, and for ourselves for others do we prosper. Amen and blessed be.

My zodiac is the scorpion, There are some species where the venom is actually the antidote for its sting (like cobras). this is seen as an omen, and the Scorpion is made into an amulet - signifying protection. And warding off evil. In Africa, the Scorpion is also seen as a healing sign - its venomous oil used for medicinal purposes.

I am very protective, and solitude is my character.


My preferred reading materials:

The Kabbalah (for a deeper understanding of finding ourselves, our genetic energy or Kundalini and the tree of life)

The Epic of Gilgamesh (To understand the meanings and order of a heavenly system and passages of old scriptures dating back to the times before Noah)

The Book of Jubilee (The true word and doctrine of Noah, held true to the word of Yah-whey)

The Bible (Mainly use this for quotes as alot of it doesn't hold true to the Torah and it incorporates peganism through hidden means)

The Heart Sutra (To understand the restful detachment of things, while contemplating the absence of suffering found within the self)


Personal writings:

"The Tree and The Shadow"

Oh how does that tree cast it's shadow without doubt or conviction, it sways in the wind free and carelessly as nothing can move or separate it from its grounding in happy sunlight

To see this and ponder the aspect of man, as we cast a shadow of our own doubt often makes us envious and manipulative of those that seem to have more than ourselves

Yet at times we too may become like the wind, free and careless spouting good fortune and happy tidings

And to the rock do we find solace in times battering currents

But yet the shadow remains still, looming and an connected to this world through the midst of our tender feet, like that of an egg on hot pavement ready to be boched

So we see to it, to hold reference to the light and it's warming sensation, that bountiful orb of glowing sensation. It holds the key to our own mind and heart in its higher places

So we may look then again to the tree, and know it to be a testament of life, growing upwards still day to day, far older and wiser than you or I

And we may find rest in its shade, not doubt or worry, for it will always be strong for us to grow up right with a beautiful canopy for others therein to rest upon as well.



*Warning to those that need be,

If not applicable disregard.

I serve the light. And to those that transgress my boundaries with false or negative purpose, you will be dealt with accordingly to your own plight. Karmic return is always the benefactor, and the power of three watch over always from a higher realm than you or I at this given point. Remember this.


"Peace follows those that know and have the power to create change, yet remain silently smiling with humble integrity." ~Stephen Rousey


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