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Name: Sagehood
Location: The Inner World.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 19 Apr 2016

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You come to me now with purpose and in good timing, for all things happen with reason. I am a son of light, and my way is that of a teacher.

I am a man of few words, and like most who proclaim to know or be in the now; I seek to help answer your questions and offer a philosophical understanding to what ailments of the mind or spirit one may have. As far as experience goes, I do not conduct rituals, though I know the power of word with directed purpose. I am a maker of seals, and blessings through gift. If you have the ability to meet me in my places, and can see through the light to find me, you are a rare sort.

I do not take to title or name, nor do I enjoy entertaining people who are all play, those with no foreknowledge into the deeper meaning of things.

If you're situation is serious, there may be an answer closer than previously thought, all you need is the proper questions to offer me. I will divulge to you in a professional manner the steps you need to take. And in rare or serious occasions draw up a charm or issue a power word to enhance your own spirit or will, but you must have faith within yourself OR have belief in a higher order, whether that be a natural order (Wiccan or Druidic), a spiritual order (Religion), a vibrational order (Chakra and Energy) or a holy order.


My preferred reading materials:

The Kabbalah (for a deeper understanding of finding ourselves, our genetic energy or Kundalini and the tree of life)

The Epic of Gilgamesh (To understand the meanings and order of a heavenly system and passages of old scriptures dating back to the times before Noah)

The Bible (To understand the divine plan and the path of Jesus, who preached only of love and truth with clarity and soulful purpose)

The Heart Sutra (To understand the restful detachment of things, while contemplating the absence of suffering found within the self)


*Warning to those that need be,

If not applicable disregard.

I serve the light. And to those that transgress my boundaries with false or negative purpose, you will be dealt with accordingly to your own plight. Karmic return is always the benefactor, and the power of three watch over always from a higher realm than you or I at this given point. Remember this.



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