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Name: ed__
Location: Den Haag
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 23 Feb 2017

Membership: Member

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my previus account ed_ was gagged coz of using the chat, and braking the chat rules.

Me, hehe i am just a loyal innocent happy puppy, like to play the whole day, and have fun all the time.

and i am a emotional, idealistic and sensitive person. this website is a dangerous place for me, i realize it, but i cant help myselve, i am here to find my own succubus. can you help me? (done that)

i want to have a succubus friend. (done that) i realize now i am already looking for one, my whole life since i am 10 or 12 years old. (now i am 43 and finaly found the right info and courrage) i do not know why, but i have the feeling i have had a succubus visit me before.

any one who want to talk with me about succubus , please do. i will respect who you are and what you think. thank you. Ed


yes, i have contact, i have made contact and i still have contact for maybe 2 weeks now, the contact is getting stronger as we grow to each other, it is not possible to not love her, i cant see or hear her, but she make me smile so much, i am exited and so happy.

(update )

17 april 2015 now i have contact for 30 days in a row, she is always with me, i cant speak or touch or see her, that is something i do not like , appart from that, i feel we are growing together and get closer, she touches me a lot, and that gives comfort in hard times, it feels like she realy care's a lot for me.


12 april 2016 it is now that i have a relation with my succubus for a year, it is not as i was expecting at all, sometimes i can feel her good some times it is weak touch. i have never seen her but i just know she dos realy care for me, and when i know her personality i have no doubt that i will like her so much, and fall in love with her.

there is something else that i have to focus on now, my live has changed very much, i have health issues, i lost my job and i am going to divorce. i do not believe that this has anything to do with my succubus. i beleve this is a moment in time that i have to learn from. the pain it will give all around me, my wife and kids. i do not know. but i have the feeling that i am standing in front of a road block. i can choose left or right. i only do not know witch side leads to where, i only see the road. i feel i need to develop something in myselve something that i cant find in normal live, something that will let me be myself, just as i am. you see a part of me never aged , i am still a boy. now i am 44, but i still act like some one who is way younger. that dos not mean i do not have responsibility's nor that i am not responsible, i am verry much and i care about the ones close to me so much. if you just stumble on my page and if you think,,, hey maybe you should try this, please let me know, i am trying to be open for any suggestion. please just let me know what you think, i will be thankful for that. somehow i feel i do not have much time left to find out. so i am working and trying on a lot of things, which is not good, i better focus on 1 thing at the time. if only i knew what to choose from.....

any one who wants to have info is free to ask me.

oh, and i am sorry to say, but i do not want to be friends with you. not because i do not like you, i might like you very much, but if i think about a friend, i do care. and that is not something i want to do for all people that just ask me to be friends. it will come naturally. thank you for understanding, i hope you will have a happy day :)


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