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Name: wolfwhisper
Birthday: Apr 29 1969
Location: Newport Ky
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 25 Apr 2016

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the world of magic flows through my veins. Dates back to the early 1500 to family that are no longer living now. We have a mystery force that watch over each and everyone in our bloodline. It protects us too, do not have to be a believer, you only have to watch and see. I call our bloodlines the pack. my pack includes my family, friends and mates and their children. the head of the family is the alpha which can be male or females in the family. We are charged with protecting the family from harm and people wishing to do them harm too. It's a noble and honorable calling to be a alpha in my bloodline. I view ourselves as wolves because of how each one protect the pack. The alpha being the highest on the family order follow by his mate and their kids.

Everyone from my dad side of the family have special gifts. No one talks about them to their kids. We just kind of come into them by ourselves. My gift is that of the empath. Meaning i pick up on other people's emotions and some times even their pain. other gift is my foresight which i can get through visions or dreams as i sleep. It's through those dreams that i see who will past next in my family or friends. i also see how they will past too. My other gift seem to be a odd gift, i can calmed dogs down, even seem to be able to send aggressive dogs running too. ths is just a little about me. Feel free to add meas a friend if you like to do so on here, and please no judging too.

My wish list is to keep tabs on items i would love to buy very soon. It's not intended to get free gifts. No of a way to let my friends see some of the kewl items they have in their shops on here.I will never turn a free gift down although as i considered that a blessing if someone want to bestowed upon me.

I do have a love in my life also, love her very much even through we have yet to meet in real life yet. I am hoping to changed that very soon too. As my heart yearn for her more and more each day. My heart beats for only her, and i missed her each and every day too.

So i notice something in the forum yesterday. Was thinking it was a posting limit or something like that. I try to reply to some of the replies and found that i can't do so even today. I am getting this message after i try to reply or post something.

Communication Limit Reached

You have had your forum permissions revoked. You are unable to post in the forums.

Now i will placed in here all that i said too.

new to the site, come from a long line of gifted people dating back a long way too. bio on my page has a lot of details to it. was one of my post introducing myself. second post below.

Other post was a reply to this message.

I am new to this site.I hope I find something real here instead of thousands of fake sites.

my reply was this.

reality is often blurred, the truth is there. you just have to sort through the other stuff to find it.

Now if my forum posting has been provoke over me making conversation then maybe this website needs to rethink where they are going with their future. If it's a website bug then they need to fixed it then. I can't post or send message now. I try to contact someone to find out i could not do that too. I am not a happy camper right now.


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