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Name: DemonZareh
Birthday: Jul 4 2003
Location: All depends, who wants to know
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 12 Oct 2016

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Hello I am the half Demon by the name of James, I have been born as a male child and I have had a interest in magic since I can remember. When I turned 10 i started to notice some things, I could make people do things I could read minds, and most scary I could heal incredibly fast, I first noticed this when i had fallen on my bike on the road and stated gushing blood from my shirt. I lifted the shirt and i had a huge cut down my chest, Although for some reason it did not hurt. I went home after that and it was 8 or 9. That night i had some horrible dreams and they were so real. As i woke up from my nightmares I looked at my clock. It was only 12:45. that is a total of 2 hours or so since i had came home with my slash. I went to the bath room to see if it looked better....It was gone. nothing. I then started noticing that all of these things i could do weren't normal so i started searching for answers. It became clear that i was magical in some way. I was at school talking to some friends about this and one person kept watching me talk about this. That night I awoke to him sitting on my bed and he started talking to me. It turned out he was a full demon. He started to tell me all about where i came from and how everything happened to my birth. He also taught me some demon speak and how to use my powers. I am now a being that follows god but has the power of a demon. I have come to teach my years of practice and my natural ability for the supernatural.

As my teacher once said to me "Oep rmwl m vglmh weflg" translated to

"You have a great power."

This power comes from me being born on a full moon as full moon makes spells stronger i am stronger than most Half Demons and im in the top 3% Half demons in all of america.

"Ribbe N nbb cnbb oep Veedfol"


"Hello, I will kill you,Goodbye"

All those who think i am fake...I hope we never cross paths for your sake.

By the way i do deals and such, But i have recentaly found that my demonic name is Zareh so please address me as so.


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