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Name: Psycaster
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Greetings Fellow SoM Member

Its an amazing journey, the grand journey of life. Life is a gift and should always be valued as a rare and precious treasure. when you think about it, the chances of you being born are remotely minute, and yet you are here. Enjoying the very fruits of your existence, people often question the world about them, we look for answers in all kinds of places, sometimes even getting muddled up with this idea and that idea, when really all things come from a similar perspective, that changes through the spectrum of philosophical and theological concepts.

What I have come to understand about magic, the worlds religions, the arts, the sciences and the general human condition as a whole. Is that it all paints a picture from various angles about interactions, observations and interpretations of the world around us. All of which are influenced and perpetuated by energy. In the electromagnetic spectrum, as science calls it, states that we only see a tiny fragment of what is actually out there. I believe that there is energy in all things, in all of us that we can't see, that what magic would refer to in a multitude of names, prana, psychic energy, chi and so on.

Or what religions call God, Allah, The Buddha and others. I think what's important is the message that these observations are telling us, what they make us interpret as humans, with our limited understanding alone, I'm sure all of us would conclude things like, its beautiful, its beyond words, its beyond comprehension, its magnificent, it is love. All terms which we would use to describe life and the universe on a fundamental level. Which is the key thing here, love, the connecting energy of all things is love, without this the understanding of everything cannot be achieved. Nor the fruition of our dreams, or desires, nor our qualms or quarrels be resoled without the Saviour of love.

I've been around various faiths throughout my life. I was raised in a Christian family, after leaving the Church at 17 later attended a meditation college in Scotland for 3 years, I further moved onto herbal holistic medicine as well as applied sciences at college, and foundation level.After branching away from the sciences 2 years ago, I find myself back on the spiritual path again. Looking to gain a career in forestry and currently studying land based operations as well as just completing hold an ABC qualification in arboriculture. In my spare time I run a website online and have a funny fascination with ponies! I also love to spend time in the outdoors and tell awful jokes!

Please feel free to message me anytime, but please have a subject for your message and keep it polite.

Thankyou for reading


My Interests and Magical Studies

  • Chakra work
  • Spell research
  • Healing methods
  • Potions
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Alter Work
  • Deity Work
  • Sigils
  • Charms
  • Wand Making


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