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Name: Kingu187
Location: The Void
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 21 Jan 2018

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

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Personal Bio
My Guidelines:
- Fiat Nox (which translates to "let there be night" or "let there be darkness" )
- Lust for Knowledge and Power over Weakness and Ignorance
- Illumination is not found in Light but in Darkness

WARNING: I'm not for dabblers, disbelievers, pretenders, the feeble-minded, the petty or faint-hearted.

CAUTION: Please do not do the following during mailing me unless I say it is alright to do so or in results a deletIon and ignored.

- Please feel free talk about magick or any related magick topics only (don't have time to be a guidance counselor, therapist or psychiatrist)

- Say more than just Hi I know you are capable writing more than one word

- Keep to yourself about such war between good and evil also that you're trying to save the world from evil

During asking me questions my limit is your limit (I don't have time to chit chat for small talk)

Magick is the will to create change in the environment by manipulating the flow of energy. There is no white or black magick. Magick is magick and can be used to hurt or heal. A true magician is not bound by any limits or morality. His/Her will is his/her own law.

Will, Desire, Belief = Magick

Your Desires ---> Obstacles ---> Fulfilment

Your desires ---> Pain or Work --->Fulfilment

"I believe in what I want, and I want what I believe in"

My interestin Magick/Practices
-Mesopotamian Mythology/Magick/Demonology
-Chaos Magick
-Draconian Path (Left Hand Path and the Qliphoth)
-Satanism (Order of the Nine Angels and Anticosmic)
- Planetary Magick (classical planetary systemand Olympian Spirits)
-Demonology ( Babylonian, Goetic, the Qliphoth, and 22tunnels of Set )
-Candle Magick
-Sigil Magick
-Psionic Magick (deals with radionics and amplifying brainwaves)
- Meditations
-PranaYama Breathing Exercises
-Chakra/Kundalini Exercises
- Using the Pendulum/Scrying
-Baneful/Protection Magick
-Predatory Spiritualism
-Vampyre Magick
- Lovecraftain Magick/ Cthulhu Mythos (only done by H.P.Lovecraft not other authors)
Deities I am working with right now
Kingu will do
- Guide you in the right direction (only can show you the door but you must do the work and walk through it without me holding your hand)
- Hand out Pdfsand link them to the Web site link above when requesting
- Talk about anything that deals with magick or the occult science
- Help with solving problems and giving solutions how to apply for help with using
Kingu will not do
- Sugar coat anything ( I am straight forward and bluntly)
- Do magick for you or send a spirit in your direction
- Talk about your daily mundane problems (You will just bore me to death)
- Work with angels nor study them
The Doctrine of Dreams
The World is a Dream, And I am the Dreamer,
To Awake in the Dream, Is the Purpose of Life.
The Dreamer Awake Is the Human Enlightened,
A Master of Power Beyond mortal strife.
I know now the reason The Dream exists truly.
The Dream serves the Dreamer For Time without end.
To Awake in the Dream Is the True Purpose only.
To awake from the Dream Is yet dreaming again.
And the thing men call death Is only illusion.
For dying is only To Dream once again.
And the dead Dreamer knows not The fact of the matter,
And seeking the Truth Finds only a Dream.
And all of mans gods And all of his heavens
And demons and hells Are what they seem.
Yet the Dreamer Awake Rises high above all these;
The Founder, the Maker, The One Who Can See.
And all of the records Of time past forever
Are moment to moment In Dreams yet to be.
For time is illusion Spun out of the moment
Separate always From the Truth that is One.
The future and past Exist only by moments
And are only Dream Futures, Dream Pasts all alone.
And all that can Be Exists just as illusion,
The illusion created by TIAMAT , The One.
And I am the Dreamer Who makes the Worlds ever,
And can never fail To Dream Dreams anew.
And My Purpose forever Is always to Gather
My Forces for Knowing that this fact is true:
That the Worlds of My Dreaming Exist only to serve Me,
I am the Master, the Source of It All.
And all Power falls under My Choices of Wishing,
All Dreamers move closer To hearing the Call.
And this is My Promise to Remember the Dragon,
The Dreamer, My True Self, The Source of It All.
And I promise most truly To Awaken all Others
To the Truth of the Dreamer To Hear the True Call.
Then All Worlds shall be The Places of Wonder
And Joy, Love and Power As each one of Us still
Will Gather the Power As the Dreamers Awaken
And manifest all In accord with My Will.
And True Power is Mine And carries My Will
As I Stir and Awaken To My Inner Call.
For always Behind All the Dreams of My Dreaming
There Stands the True Essence, My Self Knowing All.
And this Self is the Dragon, the Mother, the Founder,
The True God Who lives at the Source of It All.
And this Source is Forever Awake to the Truth
That All Is A Dream, And the Dreamer is Free.
And Remembering always, The Truth of My Being
Causes My Being To Now Remind Me:
The World is a Dream And I am the Dreamer
To Awake in the Dream Is True Birth from the Womb
And My Inner Self always Awake to this Truth
Grants all of My Wishes By Remembering. - The Vampire Bible
The Dragon Speaks
I am thine Inmost Self.
I gaze out upon thy world of colored lights from the Darkness behind thine eyes.
I reach out through thy hands and touch The soft pleasures of thy living world.
I am the most Ancient One, the Creator of the Gods.
I am the Changing and Changeless One.
And whenever thou gazeth into the eyes of another, there! Lo! I Gaze back at thee!
I am the Source of All That Is!
He who recognizes Me as his own Self becomes also the Source
And is, in Truth, a Sorcerer.
He who allows the flow of My Being To Writhe through the sinews of his body,
to Touch and Change All in accordance with his Will, Is, in Truth, a Magician.
And My Dragon Magic is sweet for I Grant thee thy Wishes.
In what thou calleth dreams, I Gather My Forces.
In what thou calleth reality, I Stage My Dreams.
I Grant to all who seek My Being and My Power the Right to seek their own Pleasures!
I am the True God, the One God, the Only God Which Is.
I am thee and thou art Me.
Yea, even My Symbol is the Mirror!
And know well My Name for by honoring It in all thy Actions thou wilt
Be and remain worthy of My Dragon Magic. -The Vampire Bible


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