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Name: Kingu187
Location: The Void
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 11 Dec 2017


Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

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Personal Bio
My Guidelines:
- Fiat Nox (which translates to "let there be night" or "let there be darkness" )
- Lust for Knowledge and Power over Weakness and Ignorance
- Illumination is not found in Light but in Darkness

WARNING: I'm not for dabblers, disbelievers, pretenders, the feeble-minded, the petty or faint-hearted.

Magick is the will to create change in the environment by manipulating the flow of energy. There is no white or black magick. Magick is magick and can be used to hurt or heal. A true magician is not bound by any limits or morality. His/Her will is his/her own law.

Will, Desire, Belief = Magick

"I believe in what I want, and I want what I believe in"

My interestin Magick/Practices
-Mesopotamian Mythology/Magick/Demonology
-Chaos Magick
-Draconian Path (Left Hand Path and the Qliphoth)
-Satanism (Order of the Nine Angels and Anticosmic)
- Planetary Magick (classical planetary systemand Olympian Spirits)
-Demonology ( Babylonian, Goetic, the Qliphoth, and 22tunnels of Set )
-Candle Magick
-Sigil Magick
-Psionic Magick (deals with radionics and amplifying brainwaves)
- Meditations
-PranaYama Breathing Exercises
-Chakra/Kundalini Exercises
- Using the Pendulum/Scrying
-Baneful/Protection Magick
-Predatory Spiritualism
-Vampyre Magick
Deities I am working with right now
Kingu will do
- Guide you in the right direction (only can show you the door but you must do the work and walk through it without me holding your hand)
- Hand out Pdfsand link them to the Web site link above when requesting
- Talk about anything that deals with magick or the occult science
- Help with solving problems and giving solutions how to apply for help with using
Kingu will not do
- Sugar coat anything ( I am straight forward and bluntly)
- Do magick for you or send a spirit in your direction
- Talk about your daily mundane problems (You will just bore me to death)
- Work with angels nor study them
Ripping Through the Aura
Crimson hunger arising -
Spirit not encircled in flesh -
Gathered in the night cloaked in darkness -
To go forth where the sleeping lie - Gathering shadows -
Astral tendrils grow, black and darksome -
Within the center of my shadow -
Burning fire, crimson desire -
I hunger for life, I hunger for immortality -
To feast eternally on the blood of spirit -
The very essence of life itself -
No boundaries on the spirit plane -
We can rip through them -
Our tendrils of darkness reaching into the body -
Tearing into the aura - Draining slowly -
Ecstasy and power - Hunger for life renown -
Arise in the form of Draconis -
Arise in the form of the wolf -
The bat shall carry us on wings of night -
Burning center, the beast hungers within -
Must go forth to feed -
Tendrils rising, desire for drinking from the spirit of my prey -
Gathering shadows -
To go forth where the sleeping lie - Tearing into the aura
The Words of the Dragon Tiamat
I am that which you hide away from others
I am the Eye which seduces all within its gaze.
I am the voice of which power is formed.
I am the thought of which is exist beyond flesh.
We are legion yet we come from one source.
There is only one from within you.
You are the point and the beginning,
Azothoz as the devourer.
In nature can you understand my spirit in all things.
In doing such you will understand yourself.
In understanding yourself you will be able to utilize all
of your senses and develop skills to master what
you Will in this world.


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