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Name: Erza_scarlet
Location: Magnolia,Fiore,Earthland
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 03 May 2016

Membership: Member

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Hi I'm Lucy Lifeblade (magick name).

I am a dragon slayer looking for a dragon.My dragon is what lead me to believing in angels,fairies,demons,magick even things that might kill me.I'm learning more than just dragon slayer magick to find my dragon.I use to live in another world and found myself in earth one day.I started living a normal human life and started playing dragon slayer games,dragon slayer anime like fairy tail.I found this site and I got a friend that is a qilin.He told me that I'm not the only not normal human in this world.I also met another guy who was mysterious and wasn't human.I learnt more and more magick and trained more and more.Now I'm strong and ready for the day I will find my mother.


Hair colour:scarlet

Eye colour:dark green/brown (can change)

Personality:fun,happy,playful,helpful,faithful,caring,kind,strong and smart

Hobbies:train,practice magick,read books,learning at school,watching anime and hanging out with my friends

Magick type:White magick,dragon slayer magick,mostly healing spells, black magic if needed and able to create psi balls

Elements:fire,earth and air

Favourite laptop/computer games:adventure quest,wizard101,pirate101 and fairy tail online

Favourite games iPad:clash Royale,slug it out and covet

Favourite games with friends:44-homes,hide-and-seek,forest game (lost in forest and have weapons to fight and save animals) and other magick games

Best friend(s):1 because one of my ex best friend took all my friends away from me and my true best friend

Favourite food:hot stuff:noodles,hot chocolate,coffee,tea,curry and burgers

Favourite food:cold stuff:ice-cream,ice-blocks,chocolate milk and raspberry soda

Favourite anime of all time:Fairy Tail

Favourite song(s):fairy tail openings 1-22 (all of them)

Spirit animal:lion

"All of the living things have to live on,

As the fairies dance upon flowers,

And Angels play harps to calm people down,

And there rests a ogre in a small town,

I will not let anyone harm any mythical or non-mythical living thing,

As they are just like us"

"To all the people who do bad,

Why won't they ever imagine,

That the person they're harming is them,

As it makes them stop harming the innocent person,

So if your so bad and evil,

Think about the person or people you were hurting,

What if you were once one of them"

What I'm telling you is don't hurt anyone,except if they deserve it!


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