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Name: RKfreak
Birthday: Mar 6 1999
Location: India
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 26 Oct 2016

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

Personal Bio
Hello! i'm new to this site so don't ask me to cast spell for you

or ask me to teach you.

well i don't want to make my per bio too long. so i'll finish in short.

1) Don't hesitate to mail me. i'll be always a good friend or something you want.

2) I am here to learn some things about magic. so if anyone want to help or need help from me. then you are mailing the right person.

3) I am also here to make friends and to have some nice talk here. so i will be also a good friend.

4) I don't care whether you are ugly, trans, bad in grammar. so be free to talk.

5) We will be always friends if you don't embarrass me or insult me. As i won't embarrass or insult you.

Feel free to mail me on any topic.

some facts about me:-

Name: you can just call me RK



Sports: Boxer, football.

Abilities: Well, i'm good in playing video games, little bit good in singing, can concentrate fair enough.

Weakness: can't control my anger, anyone can easily make me angry, when talking too friendly with me makes me trust you very much.

Things which i hate: Bullying, Liars, fakes, etc.

Mood: Depression. but always happy to talk with anyone.

Relationship: I had girlfriend but she betrayed i am still searching for that baby!

Love: who are friendly with me, likes me.

One thing: if i mail anyone, if anyone don't wanna speak with me just send i don't want to talk with you. Its more better than just ignoring me. And also i wont't ignore anyone.


Movies: The Dark Knight, Inception, The wolf of wall street, The departed, The warrior, Harry potter, Fifty shades of grey(not everything), Twilight, The insidious, Rush,etc

Categories: Horror, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Suspense, etc.

Artists: One direction, Maroon 5, Eminem, Ellie Goulding, Sia, Wiz Khalifa, One republic, Lukas Graham, Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes,etc.

Songs: Stiches, Animals, What makes you beautiful, Rap God, Lose yourself, My house, Love me harder, Love me like you do,etc

My magic: I am Very new to these things. But i love it. Still learning.

mail me any of these colors,

Blue=i want a second chance

Yellow=you're cute

Green=i want a kiss

Purple=i will die for you

Red=i want you to kiss me

Pink=let's cuddle

rainbow=i want you with me

Orange=i owe you a kiss

Black=i want a hug

teal=i really like you

White=i'm crushing on you

Brown=i love you.


blood red=i hate you

turquoise=i don't like you

aqua=i hate you

gold=lets be friends

silver=your my enemy

grey: i think i'm falling in love with you


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