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Name: PPieice360
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 08 Jun 2016

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Please report the following users:

mongol77 (for annoyance and harassment I can not report this user as they have blocked me).

Darkone777 (for annoyance and harassment I can not report this user as they have blocked me).

.yin (for annoyance and harassment).



I'm going through a crisis right now and I really need help for further details upon the situation pls read in my photos the 8th - 12th photos.

My photos are public

I'm a capricorn cusp Aquarius


I have no clue how to start this off but anyways.

Im 17 years old *claps and cheers*

Im currently in school im year 11

I have many interests and hobbies such as:

- Drawing

- Writing Stories, Poems, Songs and Spells

- Reading

- Networking

- Volunteering

- Witchcraft

- Fortune Telling well... Division

- Astrology

- Researching

- Video Games (im a bit game!)

Yes I am a witch I am a grey witch to be more "Formal" witchcraft runs on my mother's side for 5 generations as im the fifth. My guardian angel is the one who started witchcraft in the family. If you have any other questions regarding this as such then I'll answer them. And I also do free fortune telling with playing cards all youll need to do is inbox me the question you want answered I'll respond ASAP.

My nationally is Scottish/German and Italian that's all I know of at this very moment. I have multiple mental illnesses such as:

- Depression

- Schizophrenia (Traits of MPD)

- Paranoid

So if I respond in such a way or my deviations look out then that's because I have illnesses which aren't treated which I find Art as a way to express my emotions. But be WARNED! sometimes I will appear depressive or aggressive so DONT get angry or upset as you've been warned. I'm Goth/Emo if you have a problem with that then tell someone who really gives because bitching to me about it wont do you justice sweetie

I have Multiple Personalities I have at least 4 so I will act out of character.

I tend to upload a lot of stuff on my account so if you see anything that offends you in such a way then save mine, yours and everyone else's time by not insulting the material as such it wont make any difference and you wont achieve anything so then leave my profile. Simple as that.

*~ Rules to messaging me ~*

1). Any Note that is "No Subject" Will be deleted! If you don't have the time to write what the subject is but have the time to write to me? Then I don't have the time to respond to your message.

2). NO sending me nudies or asking for nudies as I will NOT send any and youll be getting blocked and reported instead

3). If you like something of mine eg. A photo of me, please do ask for permission to use the photo for whatever reason it may be.

4). I do accept requests but be realized with it eg. If you wanted me to do a selfie in a fancy way or such.


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