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Name: Asphodelllix
Location: Texas
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 26 Apr 2017


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Coven Title: Member

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COMMON sense is not a gift, it's a punishment because you still have to deal with everyone who doesn't have it

The following account is not mine and has no bearing on me.


I am always happy to give advice or answer questions if I can but it really annoys me when someone tries to make a general conversation out of the blue. I am here to learn and to teach not to mention its creepy when some random person just comes up to you and wants to be friends.

Answers to questions you may have:

Q:Will you cast a spell for me

A:Not unless your in my coven and I feel like it. I am however happy to aid you in casting a spell yourself.

Q:Can you turn me into...

A: Ask me this and I will shake my head and make sure you never make it in black cross.

Q: Are you a witch?

A: I am on a site dedicated to the study of witchcraft I can't believe I even have to say this one...

Q: Can you teach me how to (insert something here)

A: No I teach my apprentice on a regular basis but I will be fine with pointing you in the right direction or answering a specific question as long as its not for a stupid reason. I am happy to offer advice but I already have an apprentice and she's as much as I can stomach even as useful as she it.

I enjoy intellectual conversation and know plenty about numerous topics in magick even those that I don't use myself I still know a lot about tho I know nothing of the religious aspects as I view magick as a science and treat it as such. I don't know everything but I enjoy learning from other peoples perspectives.

Name: Anu

Location: Somewhere Dark

Favorite element: Time

Orientation: BI

Relationship: Single

Music: Everything but country(unless shania twain counts) or music before the 1990's Elvis makes my ears bleed...Lindsey sterling is my favorite tho

Things I like: Magick, Music, My apprentice and my familiar, Darkness, reading, animals, video games, money, business, politics, philosophy and cheesecake.

Thing I don't like: Christians or Catholics or jews, Heaters indoors, Being hot, Stupid people, People that can't think for themselves, People that have zero common sense or very small amounts, Extremely happy people, optimistic people, my family, and Light of any kind.




Remote viewing (present)




Glamours (it works as idiot BeeGone)


Gemstone magick


Been practicing since i was 9 and am now 22yrs old. I pracice what is known as direct magick and it is NOT just energy manipulation or anything similar.

Random crazyness:

New study shows Elephants confuse small toddlers in mice costumes with real mice and proceed to trample them in panic !___! how shocking

Yes I am talking to myself! How else am I going to find someone with a brain to talk too...

Grim reaper: You enjoy making my job a pain don't you

Me: I have no idea what your talking about

Grim reaper: You manage to kill one pop star and half the girls in the world commit suicide...

Me: How was I suposed to know people actually like Justin Beiber...

Grim reaper: How can anyone not like him?!

Me: *stares blankly at the reaper*

Grim reaper: Why are you looking at me like that?

Me: No reason can I see your scythe for a bit?

Grim reaper: *hands me the scythe*

Me: Thank you *kills the grim reaper* welp that is one more problem dead.....I hope I don't regret killing him.

2 days later...

Me: Curled up in a ball surrounded by an army of justin beiber clones rocking back and from muttering its a dream its all a dream.

In the beginning the universe was created

This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move

Things that have never been said:

1.Yes yes ill respect you in the morning now cook woman!

2. I'll put the game down in 5 minutes alright

3. The government knows what its doing and have our best interests in mind

4. You are all wonderful students and i am sad to see you go

5. Of course Santa is real

6. Human's are the most intelligent lifeforms on earth

7. I had no idea he was your Ex

8. You can be anything you want to be

9. Obama knows what he's doing

10. You can trust me


HEY get back here this is a back massage thingy not a chainsaw!

I wonder which is scarier a zombie apocalypse or lady gaga's wardrobe....well both prolly have rotting meat in the mix..

The best way to protect your child from a school shooting is to make sure he?s the shooter.

My life is an ongoing brain injury.

In the future, the sound of a heart rate monitor flatlining will be replaced with AOL?s ?Goodbye? tone.

When I die I want to be shot out of a cannon? and into a children?s birthday party, it shall make my death worth it.

In the beginning there was nothing. Then there was something. To this day that something is refereed to as "that plague that birthed many headaches" otherwise known as the creation of man.

There are people on facebook that fail to see the difference between whats on your mind and what you should talk to your therapist about.

Do not fear the zombie apocalypse for zombies eat brains! They shall starve long before they find one of the few smart people in the world.

Me: Ah! I just love the smell of death in the morning

Death: Sorry I have morning breath....

Me: AHHH! the frick are you doing in my bed!

Death: You got drunk and blew yourself up I felt nice and didn't want to go home so I brought you back and slept with you.

Me: Ah well then *hefts flamethrower* Now I have to cleanse my bed




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