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Name: SirAvolon
Birthday: Dec 24 1994
Location: north Carolina
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 08 Mar 2017

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Life what's the meaning I question I sometimes ask myself, when I came out it was for a guy we was so in love, then he dumped me the next day after I've done this because I wasn't popular enough for him, I told my mom and she did not accept me she called me sick my best friend was a boy named mike and his mom hated me when she found out and said fags wasn't allowed to talk to her good son I was so sick of life, it wasn't worth it then my mom said "Justin I accept you do what makes u happy" that was my world 2 weeks later me sister had her baby 'her and dad was coming home from the hospital so life was looking up I'm standing in the living room and I hear screaming tears "MOM IS DEAD", I went outside I screamed at God " why not me, what have I done to deserve this." When everything else floating away my father, my sister's, my family was floating away my mom held me and said "YOU ARE MINE my child my beautiful baby boy nothing will change that" I can smell the air I can still hear her screaming my sister's screaming and I know what the last word I said to her was "soon" little did I know that word replays in my head "Stupid faggot" remember Justin *SOON* THIS WILL PASS... Last summer I tried cutting my wrists to stop the pain when I came out I lost everything I tried to overdose on weight loss pills I never told anyone this metaphorically

Was sad my life had ended but when the Phoenix dies Jasper Rose from the ashes a new me now I will tell you of all the good things that happened to me when I came out I got 3 awesome friends who accept me as I am and they know about my past I had a boy who treated me like gold I made poems I feel my mom with me and have never been so happy in my own skin so proud but isn't that what we all want someone to make the pain worth it although it had been 1 year and I'm 3 months clean I can smell moms chep old lady perfume u can picture myself cooking with her I'm not going to drag this on any longer but just remember silence is just as bad as homophobia this has been Justin's story what u just read was a story of my life i found wiccan not long after i wrote this and it changed my life for the better


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