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Name: JCKL11
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 02 Mar 2016

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Bio? I'm the infamous black magician Jackal. Yeah, I know what those who already know me thinking, sorry for the long time delay. But now I am back and will look forward to teach black magik.

N00b notice:: Do not ask me to cast a spell directly without respect. I am not your personal servant. I do not serve you. Think about how you are gonna serve me in exchange for a strong curse/powerful black spell.

Smart-Ass Notice: I am not looking forward to negotiate with people with IQ of a peanut about forces of nature. Just so know, black magik works faster, it does not care about what it kills, breaks, deny's, destroys, it works faster than all form of magik. For me, it matters, cause results are fast. I do not believe in your TYRANT God.

PS: Tyrant God. Too much emotions eh? Well I kinda never stop hating a being who casts his so much lovey dovey children into a lake of fire just because he is awesome, he can. Seriously, probably Obama can do better negotiation. I have one request to Christian wiccans(the extremist type) to stop reporting my old spells! They are dark in nature that's why they are in black magik category! Use your brains! LOL

PS2: I am not a being full of hate, it's so much waste of energy. I am rather a being of power. And power, it can be scary sometimes.

I will be posting new spells, joining spell casters. I will keep you all updated here(links):

I am not selling spells, you have nothing to lose. But I warn you, especially teens who contact me. These spells are dangerous in nature. You are messing with dark matter. First experience from life itself and practice things that are more safe before you try these. If you have mental issues, do not try these, first seek a therapist and solve problems like depression, anxiety, social anxiety or similar mental stuff. Any form of meditation, magik can sometimes cause mental outbreak when they are real.

Spell. 1.

Spell. 2.


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