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Name: serventofpwr
Location: los angeles california or over in las vegas i travel to each botanicas which means witchcraft stores
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 28 Sep 2012

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I can care less about saying much but when i have something to say i will I really dont trust people because of what they can or could do shaman saying the hardest thing a person can do is live there life without bieng noticed . i have been blessed with power ( but my skills run in my blood line deeep. ostly one side of famly i worked for more than a few years in a store before for personal use only healing people with whitemagic lately useing power of angels to help that includes demons to punish if needed and egypiation mixed with jewish hebrew are super powerfull lucky for me my blood line does have jewish anscestors also energy balls chi ki mana i can send all elements electric energy too, i use green and dark as defense only against evil people this site is good i am not of a covenet i am part owner in a store in california and a new one in las vegas i am a healer binder banisher reverser and try not to go to other even when angry when the website is up ill put it here so you may see how the stores look am always looking for new spells to change someones mind so far ONLY FOR TEMPOARY TIME looking for stronger ones you can change a mind but if demons in person control spirit the power over mind can change Quickly and your back where you started always ready to help someone if asked i will help i am not of a covenet im me the real deal every thing ive ever tried has worked thats why i choose to help people with magic i have not found anything i cant do if you ask how fast to take affect snap your fingers i have battled many enemys and won ive been sick only 4 times close to death and reversed it back and defeated and won that means they go bye bye i am still learning who really knows everything? but my down fall havent been giveing the gift of sight to help me ive been told its coming time will tell. but i got a great spider sense! never fails but if i can help i will i am not a covenet person im me i study all the time because i feel no one really knows everything the more you know the more the spirits will remind you what to use .blessed be.


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