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Name: Etheriel
Location: Australia
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 24 Jan 2017

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Hello and a warm greeting,

Please call me E'theriel, I would also like to learn your name too.

I am a full time Uni student, I study Med. It might seem strange that a Med student who's interested in modern science and medicine is also interested in what is sometimes described as the opposite, this is because of my background, I grew up in a family that was strongly believe in the superstitious and often practiced rituals, divination and ancestral worshiping originating from Eastern culture. So really its a part of my childhood and a part of my day to day life.

I like to expand my knowledge and so as my curiosity grew and I began researching other forms of magick for the last 8 years. I would consider myself a student, as long as you have knowledge to teach, I will learn. I believe I am quite sufficient in:

Meditation (and other basics)

Energy Manipulation

Different forms of Divination (Eastern and Western)

Different forms of Healing (Eastern and Western)



and Crystal magick

as well as Necromancy, Spirit and Demon magick, that includes protection spells, conjuring, binding, banishing, a little exorcisim and a little talisman making . Other people may consider this as dark or black magick, but I don't believe in categorizing magick like so.

The psychic ability runs through my family, my mum is a medium, and I'm still "fine tuning" my ability.

I practise my magick and perform rituals with Incenses, Herbs and Crystals, also Ink and Paper, along with other common stuff used such as candles, string etc.

So, If you have any questions or if you would just like to chat you can come talk to me anytime, just send a message my way.

But before you do

-I don't give lessons or teach online, however I can help and answer to the best of my ability if you have any questions

-I don't do spells over the internet for people I don't know

-I won't make contact with your deceased loved ones, I'm sorry.

So please don't ask.

-Please no unsolicited advertising, flirting or other inappropriate advances

Please put a topic in, so I can get to your message faster or else it will be ignored and please compose your message with understandable grammar or else I will also ignore it.

Thank you everybody!!

You're welcome to message me anytime

I am currently open to performing divination readings, mostly the tarot but also with runes and I-ching, but before you ask for one please read this:

-I don't do readings for third parties

-I can't tell your future, because your future is not set in stone. I can however interpret what the tools I use are telling me about your recent past, your present and how that past and present might effect your future.

-I don't do readings to contact the deceased

-I am not a counsellor or a legal advisor or a medical advisor and a reading should definitely not and cannot replace them.

-I will only do one reading for you per day.

Upon request I also do live readings over Skype or KiK and Whatsapp at a cost message me for details, but please don't waste my time.

Thank you, Blessed be

and have a wonderful day.


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